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business models

Data without structure is only numbers.
Our data empowers clients to identify, classify, and analyze financial products better than ever before.

About Us

Syntax brings a unique perspective to investment management analytics and processes. Drawing on proprietary methodologies derived from the biotech industry, we define the DNA of companies and investment portfolios with pinpoint clarity. Through its financial analysis platform, Affinity, and its financial indices, Syntax empowers investors to meet their investment objectives with precision and accuracy.


Affinity® transforms a complex financial data landscape into clear, actionable information.
Search Securities
Search Securities

View profiles for thousands of individual companies and ETFs with granular exposure details.

Screen Universes
Screen 168体彩网 Universes

Find companies that have target exposures from various equity universes.

Analyze Portfolios
Analyze Portfolios

Upload portfolio holdings to find hidden exposures across over 40+ different lenses and more than 1,500 unique exposures.


Sector Indices

Syntax’s suite of over 600 sector-based indices tracks market performance using groups from its proprietary FIS classification system that range from broad top-level sectors to granular business segments and activities within a sub-industry.

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Benchmark Indices

Syntax has developed its own proprietary set of up-to-date Benchmark Indices that mirror the performance of the commonly used benchmarks.

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Stratified Weight Indices

Syntax's proprietary Stratified Weight Indices unravel the inefficiencies embedded in capitalization weighted indices to present an optimal solution for balancing risk and reward.

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Thematic Indices

Using proprietary Affinity analytics, Syntax develops Thematic Indices that capture emerging and evolving market trends with pinpoint accuracy in a timely fashion.

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Custom Indices

Syntax works with a range of clients, including ETF issuers, institutions, and family offices to develop Custom Indices that precisely fit their needs.

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ESG Indices

Syntax uses a vast array of data and proprietary data sets to develop a growing range of ESG, SRI, and SDG Indices that reflect prevailing responsible investment goals.

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Latest News and Research 168飞艇开奖历史查询,历史记录查询

See the S&P 500 From a New Lens

See the S&P 500 From a New Lens

While institutional investors may think they know the S&P 500 inside out, our research reveals the untold nuances and business risks embedded in this iconic index. How well do you 2024历史开奖统计资料,大全开奖体彩号码,truly understand your investments? Uncover hidden gems and fascinating facts about the S&P 500 through our 预测开奖号码 innovative FIS industry classification system. Did you know the index comprises 262 unique business activities and a whopping 2,500 product lines? 

 Syntax Quarterly Commentary: Third Quarter 2023

Syntax Quarterly Commentary: Third Quarter 2023

How far will the Fed go to bring inflation down to 2%?
  • The Fed confirms that “the Committee is firmly committed to returning inflation to its 2% objective.”
  • A “soft landing” may be possible, but the economy faces headwinds from rising energy prices, returning student loan payments, and auto strikes.
  • Energy stocks, up 4.0% in Q3, provided some much-needed fuel to the S&P 500, helping offset losses in other sectors for an overall return of -3.3%.
Quantifying NVIDIA's AI Growth

Quantifying NVIDIA's AI Growth

NVIDIA’s stock price started the year at $143 per share and reached a peak of $493 on August 31st before ending the quarter at $435 per share, a gain of roughly 205% over the last nine months. NVIDIA and ChatGPT have been dominating the financial headlines as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) story has gone viral, but has NVIDIA’s seemingly overnight growth been as sudden as it appears?  
Breaking Down the Basics: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

Breaking Down the Basics: Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation

March 2021 marked a historic moment in the world of sustainable finance when the EU introduced the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (SFDR). Our newest installment of Breaking Down the Basics takes a closer look at the SFDR and examines:

• How Article 6, 8, and 9 Investments are categorized;
• What are Principle Adverse Impacts;
• What are the reporting requirements for Articles 6, 8, and 9 and;
• What is mandatory reporting across Asset Managers, Advisors, and Financial Products

About Syntax 168幸运飞行艇|幸运飞行艇官方开奖结果官网-2024开奖记录查询历史开奖记录

Syntax LLC is a financial data and technology company that codifies business models. Syntax operates through three segments: Company Data, Wealth Technology, and Financial Indices. Using its patented FIS® technology inspired by systems sciences, the Company Data segment offers the most comprehensive, granular, and accurate product line revenue data available on the market. The Wealth Technology segment then uses this abundance of data to facilitate the instantaneous creation and ongoing management of direct indexing solutions and rules-based equity portfolios through a fully automated platform. The Financial Indices segment enables Syntax to deliver customized and proprietary indices, including core global benchmarks and micro- and macro-thematic, smart beta, defined outcome, and target volatility indices. These indices are foundational for a range of financial products, such as ETFs, UITs, and structured products.

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