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Custom_Semi_Mount_Diamond_Ring_1There is no greater flexibility that you can get than a semi-mount diamond ring where you can choose a premium collection of GIA-certified loose wholesale diamonds for your center stone at Shira Diamonds.

We have a vast collection of favorite semi-mount settings with complete details. Enjoy the luxury of selecting a shape, size, stone, and design that suits your personal preferences.

It’s the best deal you can get to own a ring with your personal touch.

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What is a Semi-Mount Ring?

“Semi” in the name means that the ring is only halfway complete. It lacks the center stone, but it has accents and other setting details.

Semi-mount diamond rings for sale give couples far greater flexibility than full mount engagement rings where the focal diamond is already set into the ring.

Couples can create exquisite settings without the effort of designing them from scratch.

Semi-mount can be turned into an engagement ring as well as a wedding ring. It can be incorporated into fine jewelry or as a white gold accessory.

The Different Styles of Semi-Mount Diamond Engagement Rings

  • Solitaires: One of the most popular types of semi-mount rings where you can have an elaborate band with engravings, detailed filigrees, or a figural design. Learn more about our solitaire rings in Dallas.
  • The bridal set: The only detail left for you to decide on to complete these rings is the center stone. The setting has exquisite details and a coordinating wedding band.
  • Accented rings: The most common type of semi-mount ring with stylish accents that can be paired with your choice of the center stone. The accent shapes come in baguettes, round gems, princess cuts, emerald cuts, and others of your choice.

Apart from the different styles of semi-mount rings that we have, we also offer semi-mount in different precious metals, including white, yellow, gold, and platinum.

Create your perfect ring with many options to choose from.

What is a Mounting Ring?

Mounting is a word to describe an engagement ring setting that includes the head and shoulders of the ring. It is the actual placement of the center stone and its immediate adjacent details.

A mounting ring is a ring that is complete, except for the center stones.

The ring can have several findings like that shank and the prong head for the stone.

Some people say that a mounting ring refers to just the parts that hold the center stone, like the prong head or the bezel part.

A mounting ring means you will have to choose the center stone and/or the accessory stones for the metal.

What Does It Mean to Mount a Ring?

Semi Mount RingWhen you mount a ring, you literally place the center stone and the other stone accessories on the ring mount.

A ring mounting or ring mount describes the head, shoulders, and shank of a finished ring before your piece of stone is set in place.

With a semi-mount diamond ring in Dallas, you get to choose your preferred center stone, the diamond cut, carat weight and look of the band.

You will set the formal diamond on the actual ring band when you mount the ring of your choice.

The Importance of Mounting

Mounting is just as important as choosing the perfect diamond for your center stone. All eyes are drawn to the central part of any ring, hence, a ring that is poorly chosen, unbalanced, or with inappropriate mounting will be noticed immediately.

When your mounting is designed properly, it will highlight the accessory stones as stunning sparkles on the finger where the ring will be placed. It will also be able to enhance the center stone’s carat size, color, or clarity.

When you partner with our master jeweler to design your custom diamond ring in Dallas, you will have your perfect exquisite ring through a cleverly designed visual trick on the mounting of your ring.

Why Choose a Custom Semi-Mount Ring

Button with Diamond Ring BackgroundAt Shira Diamonds, we have a beautiful collection of semi-mount engagement rings that vary in metal color and design.

With a semi-mount ring, you can create your bespoke engagement ring that will reflect your personality and style.

Our semi-mount rings are partially completed with the best quality metals and GIA-certified and ethically sourced accessory diamonds.

They have all the other accents and intricate details perfectly placed on the setting.

The Benefits of Owning a Custom Semi-Mount Ring

The best benefit of creating your own semi-mount ring is that you will have greater flexibility in choosing the center stone that will fit into the metal setting of your choice.

There will be less effort because you do not have to design the whole ring.

The arbitrary customizations for a semi-mount ring allow you to own the ring of your dreams at a relatively cheaper price.

Quality Semi Mount Diamond Rings

If you want a unique, personalized ring with coordinated designer qualities, the semi-mount diamond engagement ring is the best option.

Book an appointment now and our expert jewelers will help you choose the best semi-mount diamond design and coordinate it carefully with the perfect center stone of your choice.