Finest Quality Custom Halo Diamond Rings in Dallas

Custom Halo Rings- Shira DiamondsCreate a unique ring that holds personal meaning and is symbolic of the journey you are about to begin. Shira Diamonds offers the finest quality custom halo rings in Dallas that are designed and handmade just for you.

Enjoy as you explore the creative process of custom halo engagement rings with our expert jewelers. We have a premier collection of GIA-certified, ethically sourced, and hand-picked diamonds that you can choose from to place on your halo ring.

Our exclusive collection of the best halo ring settings in the industry includes a 1-carat diamond ring 14kt white gold, a 1-carat oval halo diamond ring, a 1.5 custom round halo engagement ring, and so much more. Contact us today to view our collections of custom halo rings.

Get the halo ring of your dreams with our collections below.

What Are Custom Halo Diamond Rings?

The halo setting is a ring of small accent stones. They’re typically pavé diamonds that encircle a larger center stone.

They can be the same shape as the center stone, or they can be different, such as a cushion-cut halo circling a round diamond.

Choose your favorite diamond for the center stone and explore these different ways you can create your halo diamond ring from the most popular to the lesser-known styles:

You can choose a halo setting that can be the same shape as the center stone or they can be different such as a cushion-cut halo circling a round diamond.

Whatever the design you choose for your custom halo ring, our skilled jewelers will create it for you.

Why Choose a Custom Halo Diamond Ring?

The halo ring setting has some appealing aspects that make them a favorite choice.

The reasons a custom halo diamond ring can be your best option are:

1. Enlarges the diamond

A halo setting enhances the size of the diamond figuratively. If you have a large diamond center. A halo setting will make it look enormous. This is especially true for diamonds under 1 carat. The halo can enhance the size of the tiny diamond and fill up the ring finger.

2. Budget wise choice

Because a small diamond can look larger with a halo setting, you can save money with a smaller diamond that will cost less and still make it look enlarged and enhanced.

Simply put, you can save money on the center stone. A halo setting can make the center stone look up to one-half carat bigger. This can translate into hundreds of dollars of savings.

3. More sparkle

If you choose the pave design halo ring setting, you will get a more intense sparkle on your ring. The surrounding smaller stones enhance the ring’s overall sparkle. Smaller stones will also cost less, so that means more sparkle for your investment.

4. Protection

The surrounding stones in a custom halo setting offer protection for the center stone which can get damaged with wear and tear. They securely hold and protect the center stone.

5. Versatile

The halo ring setting complements a variety of diamond shapes, whether you choose a center stone that is a round brilliant cut, princess cut, emerald cut, cushion cut, Asscher cut, or whichever diamond cut.

6. Personalized Setting

There are several options on how you can create your bespoke halo ring from the diamond cut of the center stone to colored gemstones for the smaller stones. There’s no limit to creativity when it comes to designing your customized halo ring.

We make your halo ring stand out with the perfect design that suits your style and reflects your personality.

We make the best custom halo rings in Dallas that allow the center stone to stand out with extra brilliance and character.

The Process of Creating a Custom Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

custom round halo engagement ring 1 1_2 carat diamonds - dallas texas 2Choosing how and where you will purchase your halo ring is the very first step to creating custom engagement rings. It’s the most crucial decision you will have to make.

Consider these steps as you create a custom halo diamond ring:

  1. Get familiar with the different halo styles available
  2. Choose the style that best fits you or your partner’s personality
  3. Consider the total size of the center of your ring which should match the size of your finger
  4. Determine how your center stone will match the diamond halo
  5. Choose a metal that stands out against your diamonds
  6. Consider getting an engraving on the inside of your ring to personalize it

Why Are Halo Settings Popular with Couples?

Customized halo diamond engagement rings are loved by couples because of how the center stone is complemented well in the setting. Its design accentuates the beauty of the center stone by adding size and brilliance in an affordable way.

Choosing different colors of the center and accent stones adds visual appeal and brilliance.

Create Your Own Halo Diamond Ring in Dallas

At Shira Diamonds, you can choose from our signature halo ring designs or use them as an inspiration to create your own to suit your preferences.

We will help you choose the perfect center stone and accent stones. Book an appointment to view a selection of halo diamond rings, hand-picked by our gemologists, to create your own unique ring.