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Highland Park

Premier Wholesale Diamonds in Highland Park,TX

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Being the leader of wholesale diamonds, we can offer the lowest prices for GIA-certified diamonds. Shira Diamonds’ wholesale diamonds in Highland Park TX are hand-picked and ethically sourced.

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As Highland Park graces the Texas state with its desirable and beautiful neighborhoods, we offer a stunning collection of hand-selected and intricately cut wholesale diamonds with the most competitive prices.

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How to Buy Wholesale Diamonds in Highland Park TX

To get the best deal for your money, we make the diamond buying process easier. If you want to buy and design your own ring with a wholesale diamond in Highland Park TX, here are the easy steps you will take:

  1. Schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with our friendly diamond experts.
  2. Select your loose wholesale diamond
  3. Select your ring setting. We have a vast collection of settings that you can choose from with almost every design that you can imagine.
  4. We will start building the ring of your dreams.
  5. Wait for one to two weeks.

Get the best value for your money with wholesale diamonds from Shira Diamonds. We have the best competitive wholesale prices that will be worth every cent that you spend on a stunning piece of diamond.

Where Are the Best Places to Find Wholesale Diamonds in Highland Park TX?

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There are a lot of options for the best places to buy diamonds in Highland Park TX.

You can browse online and carefully check the brief introduction for each diamond dealer that you find.

There are also physical stores that you can visit, so you can personally see and investigate the qualities of a diamond that you would like.

The two general options where you can buy wholesale diamonds:

  • A diamond wholesaler buys diamonds in bulk and sells them to brick-and-mortar stores or to online diamond companies. They procure diamonds with a deep discount in bulk or in large quantities.
  • A retail diamond store is a brick-and-mortar store that sells jewelry made with wholesale diamonds. The advantage of shopping at a retail store is you get to buy your chosen piece of jewelry immediately and bring it home. However, expect to pay 25% to 40% higher than a wholesaler or an online diamond company.

Shira Diamonds allows you to browse their vast premier collection of loose wholesale diamonds in Highland Park TX online. You can also browse custom rings where you can get inspiration in creating your own unique ring.

We guarantee that you will get the best deal with safe and secure payment methods for your chosen diamond piece. We provide online support round the clock to accommodate all inquiries about diamond purchasing.

Benefits of Buying Wholesale Diamonds in Highland Park TX

Buying a diamond online from us will guarantee that you do not pay overhead costs. This allows us to sell diamonds for a much lower markup compared to retail stores.

We make it easier for you to decide between the variety of options available. What are some benefits of buying wholesale diamonds in Highland Park TX?

  • Wholesale certified diamonds hold value longer

When you buy loose wholesale diamonds from us, you are assured that it is GIA-certified and then placed into a custom setting. It will hold its value longer than a pre-designed piece of jewelry with uncertified diamonds.

  • Wide Variety to Choose From

Shira Diamonds offers a vast collection of loose wholesale diamonds in Highland Park TX that you can choose from for your bespoke jewelry. Our diamond experts will help you narrow down your selection to your preferred cut and carat weight. We will provide you plenty of options until you get to pick the diamond that meets your needs.

  • Guaranteed Lower Price

If your question is: how much money can I save by buying wholesale diamonds in Highland Park instead of retail from a jewelry store? Buying your diamond of choice at the wholesale level saves you 50-70% off retail prices. This is because you don’t pay for the fancy shop front or expensive advertising.

Purchasing wholesale diamonds in Highland Park from Shira Diamonds will guarantee that you will be able to find your perfect piece of diamond for an incredible price. We make it easier and more affordable for you to get the diamond jewelry of your dreams.

  • Certified Wholesale Diamonds are Easier to Inspect

At Shira Diamonds, we allow every customer to inspect the diamonds in our collection. And even before you do the inspection, our expert jewelers have already inspected them with a special tool called a loupe before the diamond is set into your chosen custom piece of jewelry.

Inspections include looking for flaws under the loupe’s special magnifying glass. As a customer, you can check the piece of diamond you prefer to purchase against the grading report that accompanies it.

Different Types of Diamond Cuts You Can Get at Wholesale Prices

Highland Park boasts of an upscale shopping plaza called the Highland Park Village which is the first self-contained shopping center in America. It was declared a National Historic Landmark in 2000.

While you shop in this historic shopping center, you can upscale your shopping experience with Shira Diamonds. Our impressive wholesale diamonds inventory includes perfectly cut natural diamonds in these conventional and exclusive shapes:

Affordable Luxury at Highland Park TX

Bedazzle the affluent living at Highland Park TX with stunning but affordable wholesale diamonds. We offer free ring sizing, appraisal, lifetime ring cleaning, and lifetime upgrade guarantee with every diamond jewelry you create and purchase.

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Information About Highland Park, TX

Highland Park is bordered on the south, east, and west by Dallas and on the north by the city of University Park. Highland Park and University Park together comprise the Park Cities, an enclave of Dallas.

Highland Park is a suburb of Dallas with a population of 9,168. Highland Park is in Dallas County and is one of the best places to live in Texas.

Living in Highland Park offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Highland Park, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks.

Many retirees live in Highland Park and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Highland Park are highly rated.

  1. Highland Park Bowl: Formerly a cherished music venue called Mr. T’s Bowl, the 1933 Group took over the space in 2015 and transformed it into a gorgeous, steampunk-Esque bowling alley and bar. The details here are meticulous, from chandeliers made out of repurposed pinsetters to old bowling banners that line the alley’s eight lanes.
  2. Galco’s Soda Pop Stop: Get lost in aisles stocked with hundreds of varieties of root beer and vintage soda, from old-fashioned cream sodas to ginger beer made with real ginger oil. Just browsing the bins of hard-to-find vintage candy in nostalgic wrapping evokes delicious childhood memories (sans stomach aches and sticky fingers).
  3. Bob Baker Marionette Theater: Nothing says childhood entertainment quite like a puppet show, and this nearly six-decade-old marionette theater delivers, big-time. Though the namesake Bob Baker has passed, and the theater has moved from Westlake to Highland Park, its charms have stayed intact: The kitsch factor is high here—original puppets, cheesy old songs, and sorbet-colored decor—but that only adds to the legendary vibe.
  4. Highland Theatres: For one of the best deals in town, catch the $6 showings of new film releases on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and $7 bargain matinees, daily before 6 pm. Just don’t expect an art-house audience—especially in the G-rated flicks, the kids can get a bit rowdy.
  5. Chicken Boy: Cruise up Figueroa, and eventually you’ll come across this 22-foot-tall burly man perched on a rooftop, giant yellow bucket in hand. Oh yeah, and he has the head of an anthropomorphized chicken—wattles, comb, beak and all. Chicken Boy started his life in a Downtown fried chicken shack in the ’60s.
  6. Barcade: Though it arrived well after L.A.’s initial burst of arcade bars, Brooklyn’s Barcade brand has brought craft beer and old-school arcade cabinets to Highland Park. The retro-inspired spot has over 70 arcade and pinball games in rotation, from Frogger to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to Windjammers.
  7. Southwest Museum: Founded in 1907 by legendary activist Charles F. Lummis, the Southwest Museum of the American Indian now lives on as the Autry’s satellite Mt. Washington campus, just south of Highland Park.
  8. Lummis House (El Alisal): The over-achieving Charles Fletcher Lummis founded the Southwest Museum and was an editor at the L.A. Times, and he still managed to design this house (the name of which means “the Sycamore” in Spanish) on the banks of the Arroyo Seco, just south of Highland Park.
  • Bill Clements – 42nd and 44th Governor of Texas.
  • Angie Harmon – Rizzoli & Isles actress, was born in Highland Park.
  • Clayton Kershaw – pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball
  • Jerry Jones – the owner of the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League.
  • Peter O’Donnell – investor, philanthropist, Republican Party state chairman from 1962 to 1969, reared in Highland Park
  • Matthew Stafford – quarterback for the Detroit Lions of the National Football League
  • Claire Underwood – a fictional character from House of Cards (U.S. TV series) was raised in Highland Park.
  • Marty Turco – a Canadian Hockey player who played with the Dallas Stars for 9 seasons lives in Highland Park.
  • Armie Hammer – an actor who starred in Call Me By Your Name lived in Highland Park as a child
  • Old Highland Park Neighborhood

Old Highland Park is where Highland Park started and is bounded by Mockingbird Lane on the north, Airline and the Katy Trail on the east, Armstrong on the south, and Preston Road on the west. There is still a preponderance of original and historic homes.

  • Highland Park North of Mockingbird

This neighborhood is on the University Parkside of Mockingbird Lane, but still feels very much part of Highland Park. The boundaries include Mockingbird as the southern border, Shenandoah as the northern border, Fairfield as the western border, and Key as the eastern border.

  • Highland Park Neighborhood West of Preston

As in most communities, the development grows north and west. In 1924 the west addition of Highland Park was developed including many homes that were even grander and architecturally more substantial.

  • West Highland Park Neighborhood

This 100-acre neighborhood of the 1940s and 1950s houses is generally intact. The neighborhood receives all of the benefits of Highland Park with the exception of the Highland Park Independent School District.

  • Acreage Section of Old Highland Park Neighborhood

48 acres of Highland Park real estate make up this section of large lots around a hilly loop of Overhill and St. Johns beside Connor Park, between Wycliff and Armstrong Avenue. This lovely section is off by itself, surrounded by parks and greenbelts.

  1. Highland Park has approximately 8,900 residents.
  2. One of the oldest Christmas Traditions in Dallas County is the annual lighting of The Big Pecan Tree.
  3. The Town was named “Highland Park” because of its higher elevation compared to the surrounding area and because 20% of developed land was reserved for park space.
  4. Highland Park is the most affluent city in Texas and is ranked the 7th richest place in the United States.
  5. The land now known as Highland Park was bought in 1889 by a group of investors from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, known as the Philadelphia Place Land Association, for an average price of $377 an acre, with a total of $500,000.
  6. Highland Park became somewhat famous in the early 1980s when the popular television show Dallas used to shoot on location there.
  7. Highland Park has earned a reputation for having some of the most expensive property prices in the Dallas area. The median home value in Highland Park is $1,540,200.
  8. Addresses in Highland Park may use either “Dallas, Texas” or “Highland Park, Texas” as the city designation, although the United States Postal Service prefers the use of the “Dallas, Texas” designation for the sake of simplicity.
  • The Town of Highland Park is serviced by DART’s regular bus service via route 36.
  • The town of Highland Park enjoys the service of DART ( Dallas Area Rapid Transit ), which has multiple transit services that Highland Park residents can enjoy.
  • Tram
  • Taxi
  • Towncar
  • Shuttle
  • Margo Goodwin is Highland Park’s town mayor.
  • According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 2.2 square miles (5.7 km2), all of it land.
  • Highland Park is about 3 miles (4.8 km) north of the center of Dallas.
  • Highland Park has earned a reputation for having some of the most expensive property prices in the Dallas area. The median home value in Highland Park is $1,540,200.
  • Highland Park is home to the Highland Park Village shopping center.
  • The Highland Park Centennial Literary Festival is held in the community.

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