Discovering the Fine Details of Wholesale Marquise Diamonds in Dallas

Are you thinking of a beautiful gift for a loved one or even for yourself? Diamond jewelry with a wholesale marquise diamond in Dallas is a truly special gift. Shira Diamonds’ experts can create your bespoke jewelry with a dazzling marquise diamond.

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What Are Marquise Cut Diamonds?

Marquise cut diamonds are boat-shaped, football-shaped, and eye-shaped. The modified brilliant-cut of the diamond is called the “navette” cut, which translates from the French language as “little ship”.


The shape is likewise attributed to the round, pear, princess, and oval shapes. Particularly, the uniqueness of the shape incorporates the length of an oval-shaped diamond and the point of a pear-shaped diamond on both edges.

Marquise engagement ring is a diamond cut that is rarely seen but is a priced choice for some non-traditional brides.

Although it is less popular than other diamond cuts, there are many benefits to a marquise-shaped stone.

Here are some outstanding qualities of this diamond cut:

  • It uses the well-known brilliant cut for maximum brilliance and shine
  • It typically boasts 58 facets, including 33 on the crown and 25 on the pavilion
  • It can be cut to a ratio according to individual preference, but more often the shape is cut with ratios between 1.85 and 2.10. The ideal ratio is 2:1.
  • It is available in a wide variety of shapes in almost any color that you want.
  • The cut maximizes its carat by carat weight by giving a larger-looking stone and longer diamond surface area.
  • It works beautifully as a central stone in a diamond engagement ring or as an accent stone in another diamond jewelry.
  • It appears larger than any other shape because of the elongated feature. The elongated body of the cut makes it appear larger than its actual carat weight.
  • The long, thin body and pointed ends draws the eye up, so the fingers look longer and thinner

Origin of Dallas Marquise Diamonds

Being diamond wholesalers, we have the largest stock of wholesale marquise diamonds in Dallas that you can choose from.

The marquise diamond that we boast of is believed to have been commissioned by King Louis XIV of France to remind him of the perfect-shaped mouth and smile of his true love, the Marquise de Pompadour. Hence, the name of this unique diamond cut.

Marquise cut diamond reached the peak of its popularity between the 1960s and the 1980s. Throughout the 20th century, the marquise cut continued to be developed into the brilliant cut diamond it is today.

Several celebrities who have chosen this intriguing diamond shape include Ashley Simpson, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Portia de Rossi, Victoria Beckham, and Jennifer Lopez.

If you want to know more about our wholesale marquise diamonds in Dallas, our diamond experts will be happy to explain the details of this exquisite diamond shape and show you our inspiring collection.

How Rare Are Marquise Diamonds?


Marquise shape diamonds may not belong to the top four shapes of engagement rings. Many are unfamiliar with this less common shape because it is not a shape you would often see in engagement rings.

Another reason that this diamond cut is considered rare is that they fluctuate in popularity. The shape is considered old-fashioned by some people. However, those who are very particular about this shape love how it graces the fingers.

The rarity of a diamond depends on its qualities and the preference of diamond buyers. Likewise, the combined factors of the 4Cs determine the rarity of each diamond.

If the marquise shape diamond appeals to you, and you feel that it’s the right shape for your style, you can choose from our selection of wholesale marquise diamonds. We have a vast collection of engagement rings with marquise diamond that reflects an intricate and eye-catching vintage style.

Are Marquise Diamonds More Expensive?

The marquise diamond price is similar to that of other fancy shapes. They tend to cost less than the most popular round cut diamonds considering the same carat weight. This is because round diamonds have greater wastage when they are being cut. Marquise diamonds use a long shape making a good job of distributing carat weight in the tips of the diamond.

The wholesale marquise-shaped diamond from Shira Diamonds in Dallas gives you more “diamond” for your money. When compared with other diamond cuts with the same carat weight, the marquise diamond will look a lot larger because of its long shape. They are generally more affordable than other diamond shapes while showcasing more brilliance.

With Shira Diamonds, you can purchase a marquise diamond at a real wholesale price. We offer the lowest prices for GIA-certified diamonds. You are assured that we will never be beaten on price on a GIA-certified wholesale diamond in Dallas.

Why Get Marquise Diamonds From Shira Diamonds

Thinking about the style and type of diamond for your bespoke jewelry can be overwhelming. There are just so many options, and all the options can be captivating and stunning.

At Shira Diamonds, we will guide you all throughout the process of knowing about the marquise diamond if it’s your preferred diamond cut. Apart from marquise cut diamonds, we also offer Asscher cut diamonds, Trillion-Cut Diamonds, Heart-cut Diamonds, and many distinct diamonds cuts and shape you can choose from.

We have friendly and knowledgeable diamond experts who will thoroughly explain the distinct qualities of the marquise diamond. It’s a great option if you desire an intricate vintage style. It also works for an eye-catching solitaire or a trendy East-West setting. It’s an extraordinary diamond cut that portrays lots of character and plenty of sparkles.

We make diamond purchasing a more comfortable and easier process. So, if you need assistance in finding an exquisite wholesale marquise diamond in Dallas at an exceptional price, keep in touch with us.