Asscher Cut Diamonds in Dallas: Everything You Need to Know

What is an Asscher Cut Diamond?

An Asscher Cut diamond is an octagonal diamond with a square shape and layered facets. The Asscher Cut features a deep pavilion and high crown—offering brilliance and its signature appeal. There are two types of Asscher Cuts. There’s the standard Asscher Cut and there’s the Royal Asscher Cut.Asscher Cut Diamonds in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds

This specially crafted gemstone boasts of these unique qualities:

  • Facets running from the corners on both the crown and pavilion creating a pattern often referred to as the “windmill”
  • A visual quality that is distinct, symmetrical, and balanced—not too thick and not too thin
  • Diminished scintillation because the step facets have an adequate difference in angles between them that they are distinct and do not merge into one another
  • Resembles an outward square radiant shape perspective, with both cuts sharing an octagonal outline
  • Has a distinct flavor from a light performance standpoint
  • Consists of 57 facets: 3 rows of 8 facets on the crown and pavilion and 8 facets on the girdle. It can have 58 facets if the culet also has a facet.

History of the Asscher Diamond

Joseph Isaac Asscher first created the Asscher cut diamond in 1902. He believed that the Asscher cut was the solution to finding the perfect radiance and brilliance out of a rougher diamond.

With 58 facets, the Asscher diamond cut topped all classical looks. It peaked in popularity in the 1920s when it was recognized as a more “unique” or “vintage” cut. When the royal Asscher was introduced in the late 20th century with a redesign of 74 facets and a raised crown, it became one of the more popular cuts for engagement rings.

Cut and Carat:  Types of Asscher Diamond Settings

Shira Diamonds showcase the radiating brilliance and sparkle of the specially crafted wholesale Asscher diamond in Dallas. Featuring its set of straight edges and cut corners, formulating a four-sided diamond cut, its versatility suits a number of diamond settings like:

  • Halo setting that adds extra sparkle and shines to the ring, drawing the eye to the central stone
  • The solitaire setting is considered to be the best setting because it makes the unique design of the Asscher cut stand out
  • The bezel setting is particularly sleek
  • Baguette setting as a three-stone style that is also popular

Are Asscher Diamonds More Expensive?

The clear answer is: no. Asscher diamonds are not more expensive than most diamond shapes. They have a relatively low price per carat because the majority of the rough stone is maintained in the cutting process. An Asscher cut diamond can cost as much as 30%-40% less per carat than round brilliants of the same quality.

Shira Diamonds offers the most competitive prices for loose wholesale Asscher diamonds in Dallas that are prized for their luster and ability to showcase the striking clarity of high-quality diamonds.

Why You Should Choose An Asscher Cut Diamond

Among the many reasons wholesale Asscher diamonds in Dallas are the gemstone of choice include:

  • The clean and elegant look
  • The long, rectangular facets allow for a lot of light to enter the diamond and to give off large flashes
  • The more vintage appeal. It has an allure that harks back to the Art Deco era of the 1920s
  • A great alternative option in the Step Cut diamond category, along with Emerald and baguette diamonds
  • The brilliance of its facets can mask certain inclusions and lower color grades
  • Ideal for showcasing higher clarity loose diamonds

Shira Diamonds offers a selection of loose wholesale Asscher diamonds in Dallas all independently certified by GIA and ethically sourced. Our diamond experts will help you filter your search by carat, color, and clarity so that you will find your perfect Asscher loose diamond for your choice jewelry.

What To Consider in Buying the Perfect Asscher Cut Diamond

All diamond cuts have their own unique qualities and flaws. Consider these tips for buying wholesale Asscher diamond in Dallas to get the most of your investment in this clean and sharp step-cut gemstone:Asscher Diamond Ring - Shira Diamonds

  1. Choose a higher color grade for your Asscher cut diamond. Do not settle for a J color diamond that will make the flaws of the cut more visible. It is best not to go lower than the H color diamond.
  2. Choose a higher clarity grade, never below VS2 clarity because inclusions in an Asscher cut can easily be seen. Remember that Asscher cuts are not cut for brilliance, so it is safest to buy VS2 clarity or higher.
  3. The lower the total depth of an Asscher cut diamond, the better it is. The best total depth should be anywhere from 60%-68%. Remember the rule of thumb when it comes to stone depth in diamond cuts: the more shallow a diamond is, the larger it will look. Talk to your gemologist about this and make sure that you get the ideal stone depth.
  4. You can select a better Asscher cut diamond if you buy it loose rather than already set it into an engagement ring. This allows for a more personal and tailored design that fits your personality and design. We have a selection of loose Asscher cut diamonds that you can purchase at a wholesale price which will allow you to get your Asscher cut gemstone at a much better price than retail prices.
  5. Make sure that your Asscher cut diamond grading reports are from GIA or AGS, the world’s most respected diamond grading laboratories. Other lab grades will never be equivalent to the grades from GIA or AGS.
  6. Choose an Asscher diamond that does not have a large inclusion in the center that will be reflected around the stone. Large inclusions will be easy to see because the table of an Asscher cut diamond is like a window into the center of the diamond.

Wholesale Asscher Diamonds in Dallas From Shira Diamonds

Create the dream engagement ring that exhibits a special charm with a wholesale Asscher diamond in Dallas from Shira Diamonds. You are assured that the diamond you purchase is responsibly and ethically sourced, GIA- certified, and cut to perfection. Contact us today for more info!