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The heart is the universal symbol of love and nowhere is it more evident than in a Heart Shaped diamond. This particular cut requires the skills of an expert diamond craftsman though.

What is a Heart Cut Diamond?


A diamond where the cleft between the two lobes happens to be sharply pronounced and where the lower curves meet each other perfectly giving the stone a slightly rounded look at the bottom is considered to be the best possible shape of a heart diamond.

It is not a classic cut though and is defined as a modified brilliant cut or a revised oval diamond by the connoisseurs. Despite being shaped like a heart, this heart Shaped diamond is not very popular when set in an engagement ring nor does it hold much appeal as part of the wedding jewelry set.

The heart cut is instead used for less formal occasions and makes excellent gifts on Valentine’s Day or anniversaries and birthdays. The heart cut also looks better when fashioned into a pendant or necklace and matching earrings rather than a ring. Promise rings, however, are an exception where a brilliant sparkling heart diamond is usually found in the form of solitaire.

Shira Diamond’s Heart Shaped Diamond Jewelry

It might help to check out Shira Diamonds as one of the reputed jewelry stores in Dallas and elsewhere that specialize in fancy cut diamonds when you are keen on a heart-cut stone. The symmetry of the diamond is all-important here else the shape will not resemble a heart at all. 59 facets happen to be the standard for a heart-shaped diamond but the number of lower facets may vary sharply from diamond to diamond.

It also pays to check the quality of the heart diamonds when looking for a heart cut. A flat diamond will look dull and the entire purpose of purchasing a heart diamond as a romantic gift gets lost here.

Heart Cut Diamonds in Dallas

Again, a small diamond below 50-carat weight will be inconsequential as the shape will not be etched out well especially when the stone is set in prongs.

The small sized heart diamonds of 50 carats or slightly more look better in a bezel or a three-pronged setting that accentuates the shape of a heart clearly. The length to width ratio of a classic heart-shaped diamond is usually 1.0 but many individuals prefer a narrower heart with the ratio wavering between 1.05 to 1.15. Most solitaire rings, however, have a wider heart diamond embedded in the setting.

Rough diamond and diamond in the shape of a heart - Shira Diamonds

The typical colorlessness of a diamond is not quite so desirable when it comes to a heart stone in Dallas and every other part of America. Many romantic individuals prefer the warmer hues and the best buy vis-à-vis color of a heart cut diamond is usually considered to be a G.

A clarity of SI1 is thought to be good enough for a heart-cut diamond as many customers do not mind a few inclusions in it as long as they are not too obvious. The value of a heart diamond, therefore, becomes subjective and it is possible to get a good cut heart stone with certain flaws in color and clarity even on a modest budget.

Shira Diamonds Provides Highest Quality of Heart Cut Diamonds in Dallas

We sell a variety of certified and non-certified loose diamonds. Each diamond in our inventory is conflict-free and personally hand-picked and examined by our diamond expert. Complete information is available on every single diamond we sell.

With our wholesale diamonds in the store, we have access to a very large inventory around the world. Apart from heart-cut diamonds, we also sell oval diamonds, emerald cut diamonds, Asscher diamonds, and many more. We have a wide selection of stones, so our customers can actually see, understand and compare before they chose the right diamond for them, all very competitively priced.

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