Custom Bezel Rings in Dallas – Put More Sparkle in Your Life!

Custom Bezel Round Diamond Engagement Ring with a 1 carat halo - custom designWe have personalized bezel rings handcrafted by the best jeweler.  Browse through hundreds of our high-quality diamond jewelry at Shira Diamonds.  We have a bezel ring that will suit your budget.

Our modern version of the classic bezel ring comes in a variety of settings like the premium bezel setting that is two-toned, three-round bezel ring, or the oval bezel ring.

Make your milestone more memorable by celebrating with jewelry that is a profound reminder of your emotions.  Get a custom bezel ring from Shira-Diamonds for luxurious and beautiful jewelry that will last even for generations to come.

What Is a Bezel Setting?

The unique bezel setting is chosen for diamond engagement rings because of how a piece of diamond is placed on a stage and makes it the focal point of the jewelry.

This setting secures a diamond in place and is an excellent choice for people who have active lifestyles.  The custom-fit design of the ring secures the diamond so that it doesn’t come loose even while running, hiking, or playing sports.

The metal encasing the diamond slightly overlaps the piece of stone keeping it safe.  It is a great setting for a piece of jewelry that showcases the brilliance and beauty of a diamond stone.

Is Bezel Setting The Right Style For Your Jewelry?

We have the best custom bezel rings in Dallas crafted by the best jeweler.  You are assured you get quality with supreme craftsmanship at the right price.  All our diamonds for bezel settings are hand-picked and conflict-free.

Every metal for a bezel setting for your jewelry is among the best in quality.  Browse through our premier collection and see how our bezel-set rings stand out.

Here are reasons why the bezel setting can be the perfect choice for you:

  1. A bezel setting for your ring means that your piece of stone will be secure and safe even with strenuous activities.  The metal that literally encases the stone overlaps at the edges of the stone.  This makes diamonds with pointed edges (princess, pear, and marquise) protected from chipping.
  2. A bezel setting is one of the most durable settings.  The way it encases the stone makes the stone more resistant to wear and tear.  Hence it is the best setting for people with active lifestyles.  You are assured that the stone will not fall out.  With a bezel setting, your ring will not snag on clothing, hair, or other objects it gets in contact with because there are no exposed or loose parts.
  3. A bezel setting can hide the inclusions of a stone because it is designed to cover the edges of the stone.  This is most important for stones that have inclusions on the sides.  So when you choose a loose wholesale diamond, make sure that the inclusions are not in the center of the stone because it is what is highlighted on a bezel setting.
  4. A bezel setting can be used on various ring designs like the halo, solitaire, vintage, or pave.

We are your local jewelry specialists in Dallas who have expertise in creating custom bezel settings for a piece of diamond of your choice.

We will help you design your bezel setting for a piece of jewelry that will be more durable and beautiful.  Our diamond experts will be happy to assist you to create the perfect design for your bezel setting and the best metal you would want to use.

Custom Bezel Setting Pros And Cons

Create a timeless and modern bezel setting design for your ring in Dallas.  The modern flair for bezel settings can be seen in their slimmer, streamlined, and practical features.

The smoothness of the edges of a ring with a bezel setting makes them the best fit for the modern, strong, independent, active woman.  We have the best jewelers who can craft a bezel ring with the best design and skill.

the two most popular settings for a ring are the bezel and prong settings.  We would like you to explore the pros and cons of the bezel setting compared to the prong setting to help you make a more informed decision.

Pros of the Bezel Setting

  • It holds the diamond piece more strongly and securely in place compared to the prong setting and other types of settings.  It is one of the most secure designs for a setting.custom bezel diamond engagement ring prosper texas 4
  • It provides a sleek and modern look that highlights the beauty of a piece of diamond stone while securing it in place.
  • It is the best setting for people with active careers and lifestyles who want to wear their rings every day.
  • It is easy to maintain and clean because the design is seamless with no individual prongs that you will need to routinely check and clean.
  • It doesn’t snag on clothing because its parts are intact.  Prong settings can become warped or damaged when they brush against other surfaces.
  • It provides protection to the diamond from damage.  It is less likely that the diamond will chip or break in a bezel setting.
  • It hides flaws in a diamond stone, especially those near the edges or sides.
  • It makes a piece of diamond look bigger by adding a subtle boost to its visual presence with about half a millimeter to the diameter of your diamond.

Cons of the Bezel Setting

  • It hides more of the surface of the diamond than other types of settings.  Hence, the diamond appears smaller than its original size as a loose diamond.
  • It can make the diamond less brilliant because it covers the sides of the diamond.
  • It reduces the amount of light that reflects back from the diamond because a bezel setting covers the sides of the diamond.

We craft bezel rings in Dallas designed with the perfect mix of modern style and practicality.  The unique look of bezel rings stands out next to the popular solitaire setting.  Talk to our expert jeweler today and get your elegant and durable bezel ring designed just for you.

For Who Are Bezel Set Engagement Rings Right For?

Considering your style and preferences when choosing the perfect setting for your diamond is most important so that you get the ring of your dreams.  A bezel setting is perfect for you if:

  • You want your stone to be held in place
  • You have a precious and fragile stone
  • You have a round, brilliant-cut loose diamond that works best with a bezel setting
  • You have an extra budget because it is more expensive than other types of settings
  • You want a setting that is easily cleaned and maintained

Get the Best Bezel Setting In Dallas For Your Diamond

If you want a no-fuss, low-maintenance setting for your most precious diamond stone that will make your diamond look bigger, call us today!  We will help you design the specific bezel diamond ring of your dreams and make it a reality.  You can request a free sketch of your design from our expert jeweler to get started.