The Finest Selection of GIA-Certified Loose Diamonds in Dallas

Trust an experienced jeweler specializing in GIA-certified loose diamonds. 100% of our loose diamonds have Certificates issued by the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

We do not sell diamonds certified by any gemological laboratory other than the GIA.

GIA Diamonds by Shira DiamondsThe GIA is the most authoritative laboratory with the strictest grading criteria.

It is a “myth” that diamonds certified by other labs such as the European Gemological Laboratory (EGL) or the American Gem Society (AGS) are equal in quality to GIA certified diamonds but just cost less.

They are NOT the same quality but at lower prices. The EGL and AGS-certified diamonds tend to be of a lower quality than the GIA-certified loose diamonds of the same grade.

They are offered to you by many internet sites and brick and mortar stores to make you believe that you are getting a better “deal” by buying a similar grade for a lower price. The EGL or AGS diamond is inferior. That is why it costs less.

What are GIA Certified Diamonds?

While diamonds are considered valuable, not all of them are equal. GIA diamonds are those that have been graded by the Gemological Institute of America, which is the most renowned and well-respected independent diamond grading laboratory.

There are other laboratories that grade diamonds, but the GIA is the most trusted entity among jewelers.

This is because GIA diamond grading applies the most rigorous and accurate process, especially when it comes to color and clarity. These two attributes of a diamond are considered the most subjective scales among the 4Cs.

However, keep in mind that not all diamonds are graded by the GIA. Thus, GIA-certified diamonds are viewed as holding the best quality.

Why Is GIA Certification Important?

Diamond certifications like the GIA certification are important for the following reasons:

  • GIA certification proves the stone has been tested and is graded as a GIA natural diamond
  • GIA certification proves the diamond’s quality (e.g. GIA cut grades)
  • GIA certification informs both the buyer and the seller of the diamond’s worth

Simply put, without certification, no buyer can be certain about how much a diamond is actually worth. Thus, its fair price cannot be determined.

With a GIA certification, not only will you know the accurate GIA diamond price but the diamond also has a stronger resale value because of its accompanying documentation.

The GIA report also contains a unique number often inscribed onto the diamond’s outer edge or girdle. This number can be used to access the GIA’s online global report database for verification, allowing you to view all its grading details.

How To Buy a GIA-Certified Wholesale Diamond in Dallas

GIA-Certified Wholesale Diamonds by Shira Diamonds

In Dallas, many jewelers like Shira Diamonds have access to GIA-certified diamonds wholesale.

In fact, Shira Diamonds does not sell diamonds other than those graded by the GIA.

We believe that GIA wholesale certified diamonds are of a higher quality than diamonds graded by other independent institutions.

It is important to note that GIA certification and an appraisal from a GIA-trained gemologist are not the same. Be wary of jewelers who refuse to provide the actual GIA certification.

What’s the Difference Between a Regular GIA Diamond and a Wholesale GIA Diamond?

When buying diamonds, you will encounter the terms retail (which often refer to regular diamonds) and wholesale, especially if you’re buying loose diamonds. In a nutshell, the differences between them are as follows:

  • Retail: Prices charged by retailers to end customers
  • Wholesale: Prices charged by producers to retailers

More often than not, wholesale prices are cheaper as the goods come in bulk and are meant for reselling. Meanwhile, retail means goods come in individual or smaller amounts and are not meant to be resold.

When it comes to diamonds, wholesale GIA diamonds for sale don’t mean that they will actually be purchased in bulk. It simply means that these wholesale loose diamonds that are GIA-certified come at a relatively lower price than retail.

On the other hand, GIA loose diamonds sold at retail prices are often found in typical jewelry stores.

The higher mark-up prices are due to the store’s overhead expenses and the salary needed for their employees.

How To Buy Wholesale Diamonds With GIA Certification

To buy wholesale diamonds with GIA certification, you must go to an expertly trained jeweler who can professionally evaluate the diamond and answer questions in clear, simple language.

They should be able to explain the 4Cs of diamonds, which are their color, carat, cut, and clarity. To make sure that you’re getting wholesale diamonds with GIA certification, it is recommended to go to a jeweler whose training includes being a GIA Graduate Gemologist.

Moreover, they should be able to provide the actual GIA certification for the wholesale diamonds that you want to purchase.

As mentioned, a GIA certification is proof that what you’re buying is worth its price.

This document provides verification of the diamond’s quality while also adding a layer of security for your investment. This is because diamonds graded by the GIA often contain a laser-inscribed report number on their girdle, which can be used to also provide verification in case it gets stolen or lost.

Where Is the Cheapest Place in Dallas to Buy GIA Diamonds for Sale?

Shira Diamonds provides quality loose diamonds that are GIA certified fancy yellow diamonds and heart cut diamonds at remarkable prices.

The wholesale diamonds we sell in Dallas, Texas also have the following qualities:

  • Color ranging from D to M
  • Clarity ranging from flawless to |1
  • Loose diamonds are free of noticeable blemishes and are finished properly
  • Lower-grade diamonds all have polished and faceted girdles that add to their brilliance
  • All our diamonds are absolutely clean to the naked eye
  • We do not sell fracture-filled and enhanced diamonds, which refer to those with filled-in cracks

Our diamonds also accommodate a range of budget options that can fit almost anyone searching for GIA grade diamonds.

Can You Buy Diamonds From GIA?

Since the GIA is an independent grading entity, it does not sell diamonds. It also does not mine, buy, or trade diamonds commercially.

In fact, the GIA does not appraise diamonds and neither are they involved in diamond valuation or pricing. The primary objective of the GIA is to ensure that quality, unbiased assessments for grading diamonds are accomplished.

GIA only provides certification for diamonds they have graded, for which they issue a written report that has its own number. This file is kept in the gem lab and a copy of it is sent back to the jeweler along with the diamond.

If you’re looking to purchase loose diamonds that are GIA graded, then it’s best to go to a jeweler such as Shira Diamonds to be certain that you’re getting quality stones. Call us today for more information!

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