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Rose gold may have started to be just as a chic alternative to more traditional yellow gold, but it has now become more fashionable and can be seen everywhere.

With all the hype it has been getting lately, it seems like the gorgeous colored metal is here to stay. That’s why Shira Diamonds is dedicated to creating the finest custom rose gold rings.

Rose gold is very much in vogue for engagement and wedding rings right now. Although it seems to be a less traditional choice, the feminine touch and romantic quality of rose gold easily make it a crowd favorite, especially among women.

You can check out our collection of the best custom rose gold rings and see why many people love them.

We offer the best quality rose gold jewelry in Dallas. Contact Shira Diamonds to learn more about rose gold and start choosing your own custom rose gold ring.

What Are Rose Gold Rings?

There is no such thing as naturally occurring rose gold. In its natural form, pure gold is colored yellow and too soft to be used for jewelry on its own. All gold jewelry, including rose gold, is a mixture of pure gold and metal alloys.

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Although rose gold is not 100% pure gold, it is still made of real gold. Rose gold is a precious colored metal made from mixing classic yellow gold with copper metal alloys, and at times, silver metal alloys.
The delicate combination of yellow gold and metal alloys is what gives its signature warm rosy or soft pink hue.

Apart from that, the mixture also makes it stronger, more durable, and less prone to tarnish.

This is why rose gold can be made into a wide variety of jewelry options. It does not bend, dent, and generally, cannot be destroyed by daily wear.

Why Choose A Custom Rose Gold Ring?

Rose gold seems to be getting all the hype when it comes to metal choice right now. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose rose gold as well:

  • Rose gold engagement rings are made to last

    Rose gold is a beautiful and high quality metal. It is even more durable than yellow gold and white gold as it is combined with copper – one of the most durable metals.

    Button with Diamond Ring BackgroundAn engagement ring made from rose gold will surely be a timeless classic that will be with you for many years to come.

    You never have to worry about it getting scratches, tarnishing, or fading because it will surely remain lustrous and beautiful for a very long time. Rose gold makes for a perfect heirloom quality engagement ring.

  • Rose gold is easy to maintain

    A rose gold ring is low maintenance. Unlike white gold, you don’t need to dip it in rhodium every few years to keep it shiny.

  • Rose gold has a romantic and vintage appeal

    The most common reason why people choose a rose gold engagement ring is probably because of the romantic and vintage feel to it that gets even better after years of wear.
    Rose gold becomes slightly darker and redder after a while, making it more interesting and vintage looking.

  • Rose gold is a unique and enduring classic

    It’s just a matter of time before rose gold becomes as popular as white gold/platinum. Hence, there is no need to worry about rose gold engagement rings being just another trend that comes and goes.

    Also, its unique color makes you and your jewelry stand out. From diamonds to colored gemstones, jewelry takes on a whole different look when they are set in rose gold.

  • Rose gold is universally flattering

    Rose gold complements almost all skin tones and ages. It’s very versatile and looks good on everyone. Some people even find rose gold to be more flattering to their complexion than yellow gold and white gold.

    You don’t have to worry about being tacky because it also pairs well with sterling silver or white gold pieces. Rose gold jewelry can also be worn casually or in more formal settings.

The Process of Creating a Custom Rose Gold Ring

Rose gold is an alloy made from combining specific amounts of gold, copper, and sometimes silver.

A rose gold ring can range from 10 karats (the lowest gold content) to 22 karats (highest gold content). The karat number indicates the amount of pure gold mixed in that certain piece.

  • Carat And Metal Alloys

    Apart from a karat, another factor that determines the color intensity of a rose gold engagement ring is the type and percentage of metal alloys mixed with pure gold.

    For instance, an 18-karat rose gold ring can be made of 75% gold and 25% copper. Similarly, another 18-karat rose gold ring can be composed of 75% gold, 20% copper, and 5% silver. Both are 18-karat rose gold rings, but the first ring will appear more red gold, while the second ring will appear pink gold. The same ratios can be applied to 10-karat, 14-karat or 22-karat rose gold rings.

    Changes in the carat scale would result in the alteration of the metal alloy composition. At the same time, changes in metal alloy composition, specifically between gold and copper, would have a direct effect on the vibrancy and hue of the rose gold ring.

    Lowering the karat scale, meaningless gold content, and more copper and/or silver content will result in a rosier and brighter pink color. This is because the pink color is from the copper component. Adding more gold to the alloy softens the color of the ring as more yellow is introduced.

    Additionally, increasing copper in your ring will make it durable and more resistant to damage. This is probably the reason why a 14-karat rose gold ring is a popular fine jewelry choice for customers who want their pieces to last a long time without a lot of maintenance and care.

Get Your Customized Rose Gold Ring From Shira Diamonds

As you can see, the interplay of mixed metals creates a wide variety of options that will suit your taste and budget.

If you have more questions or need help picking out any custom diamond ring, Shira Diamonds can help you. Contact us to set an appointment, and we will help you explore your options.