The Delicate Beauty of Wholesale Oval Diamonds in Dallas

At Shira Diamonds, we use advanced diamond technology to create unique bespoke jewelry with a wholesale oval diamond in Dallas. We make sure that the diamond piece you get is of the highest specification, is independently certified, sustainably produced, and fairly priced.

We help you create a timeless piece that truly sparkles and will stand the test of time.

Discover our exclusive collection of oval cut diamonds and our stunning array of jewelry with oval diamonds, all set with the highest quality, GIA-certified diamonds.

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What is a Wholesale Oval Diamond?

Oval Diamond - Shira Diamonds

The oval cut diamond is a modified shape of the round cut diamond. It’s a diamond shape that possesses all the brilliance and fire that the round diamond cut is loved for. Its gentle elongated effect wonderfully flatters smaller hands or shorter fingers because its shape makes the fingers look longer.

This elliptical gemstone is treasured for its distinct premium quality which is timeless and beautiful, making it a romantic jewelry choice.

The captivating appearance of the oval diamond comes from its distinctive elongated shape, comprising 56 facets. The shape optimizes carat weight, so even with lower carat grades, the oval diamond cut will still appear slightly larger.

The shape is believed to have been developed to represent the longevity of a relationship. The gentle touch to the stone adds elegance to any ring that it is set upon.

Why Choose Wholesale Oval Diamonds in Shira Diamonds?

You are assured that your Dallas wholesale diamond is made from beginning to end by our diamond experts. The journey is shorter to cut extra costs as we deliver the highest quality wholesale oval diamonds in Dallas at a tailored price.

When you purchase wholesale oval diamonds from us, you are assured of these qualities:

1. Brilliant faceting

Our wholesale oval diamonds consist of 57 or 58 facets, similar to a round brilliant, giving it similar visual qualities. We have oval diamonds with a variety of facet arrangements. The most common arrangement we have that is loved by customers is the eight bezel facets on the crown combined with eight main facets on the pavilion.

2. Less prone to chipping

Oval diamonds do not have sharp angles or corners making them less prone to chipping compared to other fancy shapes. The rounded soft edges make short fingers appear longer.

3. Appear larger

Our oval diamond pieces appear larger to the naked eye because they have a larger surface area than a round diamond of equal carat weight.

4. Perfect length-to-width ratio

We keep proportion in mind when cutting oval diamonds. We keep the most practical ratio from the original rough which is 1:3:1 or 1:4:1, whichever our customer prefers.

5. Symmetrical

The beauty of our wholesale oval diamonds in Dallas comes from the symmetrical way it was cut. You are assured that the two halves of our oval diamonds mirror each other and are identical.

6. Perfect shape appeal

Our oval diamonds portray a graceful outline and harmonious proportioned parts. Some diamond dealers have oval diamonds with these common shape variations that you can choose from:

  • Oval cut with flat shoulders
  • Oval cut with bulging shoulders
  • Oval cut with no shoulders

At Shira Diamonds, you only get oval-cut diamonds with no shoulder bulge because it’s the variation that shows overall symmetry and a well-proportioned shape.  This contributes to the perfect visual appeal of our oval diamonds.

7. Appropriate girdle thickness

We make sure that the girdle (intersection of the crown and pavilion) of our oval diamonds is neither too thick nor too thin so that the diamond piece will remain symmetrical.

8. No bow-tie effect

Our oval diamonds are hand-inspected to ensure they do not possess a strongly visible bow-tie. A bow-tie effect occurs when the light doesn’t bounce into the middle of the diamond because of the way the diamond is cut. This can have an undesirable severe effect on the beauty of the diamond.

9. Relatively cheaper price

We guarantee a wholesale price on our loose wholesale oval diamonds in Dallas. With an oval diamond, you get an almost 40% cheaper price compared to a round-cut diamond with the same carat weight. You get a generally more affordable price on a per-carat basis with a wholesale oval diamond from Shira Diamonds.

Types of Wholesale Oval Diamonds We Have

The undeniable charm of the oval diamond cut exudes the beauty and the sparkle of the diamond in a unique way.

Here are the different types of wholesale loose oval diamonds that we offer at Shira Diamonds that make elegantly striking statements:

Our inventory is constantly changing and upgrading. With our GIA-certified wholesale oval diamonds in Dallas, you can have access to a large inventory around the world. Our wide selection of high-quality and conflict-free diamonds is competitively priced. You are assured that each diamond piece is personally hand-picked and examined by our diamond expert.

Buying Wholesale Oval Diamonds in Dallas

We offer a variety of GIA or EGL- certified loose wholesale oval diamonds. So, if you’re asking where to find the best deals on wholesale oval diamonds in Dallas, Shira Diamonds is the only place. Apart from Oval cut diamonds, we also sell radiant cut diamonds, Heart cut diamonds, Asscher cut diamonds, and many more.

We provide our customers a wide selection of stones that you can actually see, understand, and compare before you choose the right diamond for you. You can design our wholesale oval diamonds with almost any kind of setting that suits your style.

How to buy a wholesale oval diamond in Dallas?

We recommend that you personally evaluate our wholesale oval diamonds closely. We also have diamond experts who can help visually review the diamond piece with you before purchase.

We can help you choose the best setting and evaluate the cut quality, length-to-width ratio, clarity, color, and prices of the different oval diamonds in our exclusive collection so that you will get the perfect wholesale oval diamond in Dallas that you’ve been dreaming of. You deserve the elegant look, unique flair, and excellent durability of this stunning diamond shape.