Get Your Own Wholesale Radiant Cut Diamonds in Dallas

Lovers of perfect symmetry and glamorous brilliance adore the radiant cut. It is an ideal choice that boasts of the purity of the emerald cut and the sparkle of the round brilliant. With wholesale radiant cut diamonds in Dallas, you will get a timeless piece that truly sparkles.

At Shira Diamonds, we provide a stunning collection of gemstones and Dallas wholesale loose diamonds that are available in a range of settings and styles. All our jewelry is completely customizable. You can create bespoke jewelry that suits your style.

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What Are Radiant Cut Diamonds?

Radiant Diamonds - Shira DiamondsThis hybrid cut crosses the brilliant facet with the step-cut outline of an Asscher or Emerald cut. The radiant cut has straight sides and straight, cut corners. It looks like a rectangle with looped-off points.

The creation of this ‘brilliantised step cut’ was a hybrid cutting style that combined the elegance of the emerald cut with the fire of a round brilliant cut. It was popularized in the 1980s and has been an excellent unique choice for diamond engagement rings ever since.

The faceting patterns of a radiant cut are distinct—small, sharp facets, which gives the diamonds a lot of sparkles. Its corners are carefully beveled making them substantially durable against chips and breakage. This feature makes the radiant cut an excellent choice for the active individual.

You can get radiant diamonds cut in both square and rectangular shapes.

They typically have 70 facets, offering versatility and elegance to any type of jewelry they are set upon.

Although they are less readily available and popular compared to other diamond cuts, the radiant cut is a more unique shape that has also been chosen as a center stone for celebrity engagement rings.

The Benefits of Owning Radiant Cut Diamonds

We offer a vast collection of radiant diamonds cut with perfect facets and a patented cut. Our diamond experts will be happy to assist you in choosing the best setting for the loose wholesale radiant cut diamond that you choose.

If you like the combination of the fire of the round brilliant cut with the geometric elegance of the emerald cut, this diamond piece is for you.

We have a premier collection of designs with radiant cut diamonds that can serve as your inspiration in creating your bespoke jewelry.

Here are many of the reasons that couples and individuals choose wholesale radiant cut diamonds in Dallas:

1. Impressive Brilliance

Our Dallas wholesale radiant cut diamonds boast 70 perfect facets that offer excellent brilliance, fire, and sparkle. It makes a great choice if you want a beautiful sparkle that is not round nor as expensive as the round brilliant cut.

The brilliance of this cut is so admirable that it can disguise inclusions in the intense return of light reflected through the facets. If an emerald cut’s large open table acts as a window into the stone, the radiant cut can disguise inclusions within the stone.

2. Extra Presence

We offer this diamond cut to individuals who desire a diamond piece that would look larger. The extra presence that the larger perceived size of this cut provides gives it an edge over other diamond cuts.

Although the face-up area is slightly smaller than that of the Dallas round brilliant cut diamond of equal carat weight, the radiant cut’s long diagonal measurement makes it look larger.Radiant cut diamonds in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds

3. Substantial Durability

The perfect cut of the rounded edges of the wholesale radiant cut diamonds in Dallas that we provide gives it an advantage over other square cuts.

The beveled corners, borrowed from the emerald and Asscher cuts, not only give the radiant cut a stylish Deco appearance but make it less likely to chip. This feature makes this cut the perfect choice for those with active lifestyles. It can be worn every day.

4. Value for Money

When radiant cut diamonds are cut from the rough, very little percentage goes to waste. This makes this cut one of the most affordable diamond shapes.

When compared with a round brilliant cut diamond of the same clarity, color, and carat weight, you can save almost 56% of the cost. It’s a great way to save on your budget, so you can spend more on a setting of your choice or a larger diamond.

5. No GIA Cut Quality Grades

Usually, you can assess the cut quality for round brilliant cut diamonds by looking at the GIA certificate. However, for radiant cut diamonds, GIA does not grade the cut quality. You will have to check the cut yourself carefully.

We will provide cut quality guidelines for the radiant cut to serve as your guide. Our diamond experts will assist you if you want to know more about the ideal cut for radiant cut diamonds.

How to Choose the Perfect Radiant Cut Diamond

Our store upholds the highest quality of diamond standards. We offer only GIA-certified diamond pieces that were ethically sourced and personally picked by diamond experts.

You are assured that you will be able to see, understand, and compare diamond pieces and settings with competitive pricing.

To help you choose the right diamond that suits your style, consider these tips that we usually give our customers who prefer the radiant cut diamond:

  • Bear in mind the length to width ratios which should be between 1 and 1.05 for a square and 1.2 to 1.3 for a rectangular shape. This ratio is ideal to avoid the distracting and unsightly ‘bow tie’ optical effect.
  • View the radiant cut diamond face up to optimize color. If you prefer fancy colors for your diamond, the radiant cut is best to show off to its best potential. For colorless diamonds, opt for a stone with color grades above your preference.
  • If you prefer a more technically flawless appearance, excellent clarity will be FL-VVS2 for 1.0-2.0ct. But if you are comfortable with an inclusion as long as you cannot easily see it, a VS1-VS2 is perfect for a 1.0-2.0ct diamond stone.

Why Purchase a Radiant Cut Diamond From Shira Diamonds?

Our diamond consultants are ready to answer your questions regarding aspects of the wholesale radiant cut diamonds.

We will guide you through the process of evaluating which fantastic radiant diamond piece will match your style. We ensure that all the radiant cut diamonds in our collection are sourced ethically and cut to precision with the 4Cs in mind to give you the timeless piece that truly sparkles.

We offer different kinds of wholesale diamonds such as oval diamonds, pear diamonds, Princess diamonds. Contact us to know more!