Stunning and Top Quality Split Shank Rings in Dallas

Wedding Band Sets Princess Cut Diamond - Engagement Rings Dallas 1The split shank engagement ring in Dallas is a beloved style that is beautifully elegant, timeless, and unique. It is named for having a distinct band that splits apart as it reaches the center stone. You can choose your own style on how the band will be split and designed.

Make your center stone stunningly outstanding with frames of a split shank design that will enlarge your stone. If you are a fan of this style, check out our favorite split shank engagement rings below that are certain to inspire you.

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What are Split Shank Rings?

The split shank ring is a unique ring style with bands that part as it reaches the center stone. There is a visible gap between the band and the center gem, which gives it the complexity and artistic twist on a traditional ring style.

The way the band outlines and holds the center stone makes the stone appear much larger and more lavish. This adds character to an engagement ring.

There is a range of styles and variations that exist for the split shank setting. The dramatic and subtle expression of the split shank engagement ring will depend on the variation in the ring’s proportions, as well as the shape of the center stone.

Here are some of the favorite popular split shank designs by Shira Diamonds:

  • Criss Cross shank
  • Oval split shank
  • Split shank marquise cut Multi-row split shank
  • Plain split shank
  • Twisting split shank
  • Pave split shank
  • Halo split shank
  • Silhouette shank
  • Two-tone shank
  • Peek-a-boo shank
  • Graduating diamond shank

What is a Split Shank on a Ring?

Princess_Cut_Split_Shank_Diamond_Engagement_Ring_in_Dallas_Texas_-_Wholesale_Diamonds_DallasThe ring shank is commonly referred to as the band. It is the portion of the ring that encircles the finger. It is an important design element affecting the appearance of the ring, how it feels to the wearer, and the emergence of the center stone.

The type of ring shank you choose can affect not just the beauty but also the comfort of the fit. Each split shank ring in our collection has its own unique look and offers a different feel to the overall ring design.

Are Split Shank Engagement Rings Popular?

If you are considering a design for your engagement ring, the split shank engagement ring is a very popular choice.

Their popularity has skyrocketed over the past two decades, especially among celebrities such as Blake Lively and Beyoncé.

The timeless look that flaunts the structures of classic rings with an elaborate and rich touch of jewelry of the past makes the split shank relevant to our day.

Is Split Shank More Expensive?

The split shank setting is so appealing for couples because of its elegance and how you can get more for its cost. The price of this ring setting is greater than most other types of settings because of the additional metal on the split. However, you get more for the dollar amount.

Why Choose a Custom Split Shank Ring?

When you choose to customize your split shank engagement ring in Dallas, our expert jewelers and designers will guide you on the style or design of your split shank setting and the shape of the diamond stone you will place as a center stone.

The great reasons the split shank is a favorite among customers:

  • The split design of the band that surrounds the center stone adds a beautiful and brilliant touch to the ring.
  • A personalized look can offer a great amount of security for the center stone. Apart from the prongs that set the center stone, you can surround it with smaller pave-set diamonds.
  • The design offers extra sophistication and symmetry.
  • The two shanks leading up to the center diamond make the diamond the central focus.
  • It’s a versatile setting that allows you to choose from various diamond shapes and setting colors. The beauty of two shanks often compliments a range of styles, from round cut to princess cut rings.

The Process of Making a Custom Split Shank Ring

Wholesale Split Shank Diamond Rings 3You should first know where and how you will purchase your custom split shank ring. It’s the very first step to creating a bespoke split shank. Here are the steps you will take when you create your ring:

  1. Get familiar with the split shank styles available.
  2. Choose the style that best fits you or your partner’s personality.
  3. Consider the total size of the center of your ring and the design of the split prongs, which should match the size of your finger.
  4. Determine how your center stone will match the prong design.
  5. Choose the type of metal that will match your split shank design and the center stone. It should be a metal that stands out against your center diamond and other diamonds in the ring if your design has them.
  6. Personalize your ring by getting an engraving on the inside of your ring.

The Benefits of Owning a Custom Split Shank Ring

How will you know if a split shank setting is right for you? Learn the benefits you will enjoy when you own a custom split shank ring in Dallas from Shira Diamonds:

  • It features an additional surface area for side stones and sparkle.
  • It offers a unique, attention-grabbing appearance.
  • It leads the eye toward the center stone, making the diamond more noticeable and prominent.
  • It can be designed in either a classic or modern look.

Custom Split Shank Engagement Rings in Dallas

Browse through our premium collection of custom engagement rings to get inspiration on how you can create your own design.

We will help you choose the perfect center stone, accent stones, split shank design, and metal setting. Book an appointment today to view our selection and to talk to a diamond jewelry expert.