Quality Princess Cut Diamonds in Dallas

Princess_Cut_Split_Shank_Diamond_Engagement_Ring_in_Dallas_Texas_-_Wholesale_Diamonds_DallasThe classic, chic, and always-in-style diamond cut is in Dallas! Create a piece of effortlessly enchanting jewelry with wholesale princess cut diamonds.

Shira Diamonds offer superb-quality true wholesale-priced diamonds that will suit your style.

Our wholesale princess cut diamonds in Dallas are cut and finished to the highest standard.

We offer the most competitive prices for this elaborate cut, ensuring that they are affordable for your special occasion.

We have access to a very large inventory of high-quality, certified wholesale diamonds around the world.

All our diamond pieces are ethically sourced and hand-picked by diamond experts.

We make sure that our customers can actually see, understand, and compare before they choose the perfect diamond.

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What is a Princess Cut Diamond?

The princess cut is a perfect combination of a traditional square diamond with an inverted pyramid of rough diamond stone.

The distinct square shape of princess cuts makes the diamond one of the most brilliant of all diamond shapes.

It makes a popular choice for engagement rings with these key features:

  • It is the square diamond with the most brilliance
  • It contains two to four chevron patterns
  • It costs a lot less per carat compared to round cut diamonds, because there is less wastage of the rough stone during the cutting process
  • It is also referred to as Square Modified Brilliant and Rectangular Modified Brilliant
  • It accounts for a whopping 30% of engagement rings
  • It is the second most popular diamond choice
  • They resemble pyramids with four sharp corners that offer a subtle edge to the femininity of their sparkle

We bring you contemporary luxury and elegance with wholesale princess cut diamonds in Dallas.

Tips on How to Buy Princess Cut Diamonds in Dallas

Find your princess cut diamond from Shira Diamonds. Our collection of superb-quality wholesale princess cut diamonds are cut to showcase this diamond’s iconic brilliance and geometric shape. We make sure that you have a radiant and brilliant diamond on your chosen piece of jewelry.

Consider this guide with useful tips on how to buy the best quality wholesale princess cut diamond in Dallas for that stunning jewelry:

1. Depth and Length to Width Ratio

Our wholesale princess cut diamonds are cut with an ideal ratio of 1.00 to 1.04. For rectangular princess cuts, the ratio is 1.07 to 1.15. Just let us know what shape you prefer, and our expert gemologist will assist you in finding the right ratio for your princess cut diamond.

We will make sure that you get a princess-cut diamond with the ideal total depth between 65% and 75% for the best balance of brilliance to size.

2. Diamond Size

The approximate millimeter sizes of our princess cut diamonds correspond to carat weights. We will provide you a chart, so you can choose what size of stone you like for your princess cut diamond.

The popular sizes for our princess cut diamonds are:

  • 3.5×3.5 for a 0.25 ct diamond
  • 4.4×4.4 for a 0.5 ct diamond
  • 5×5 for a 0.75 ct diamond
  • 5.5×5.5 for a 1.00 ct diamond
  • 6.4×6.4 for a 1.5 ct diamond
  • 7×7 for a 2.00 ct diamond
  • 8×8 for a 3.00 ct diamond
  • 9×9 for a 4.00 ct diamond
  • 9.5×9.5 for a 5.00 ct diamond

3. Facets

We cut each princess cut diamond with a number of facets between 50 and 58(similar to a round cut diamond). The number of chevrons on its lower half is cut to perfection to give the stunning overall look of the princess-cut diamond that you will have.

4. Cut Grade

The princess cut diamonds in our collection have the ideal cut grade to maximize the diamond’s sparkle. Although there is no industry-wide ideal cut grade for a princess cut, we will allow you to handle and see the princess diamond in person before buying to make sure that you get the sparkle that you need or expect. Most princess cut diamonds from Shira Diamonds have Very Good or Good cut grades.

5. Clarity Grade

One of the amazing features of a princess cut diamond is its ability to hide inclusions. We provide a comprehensive inclusion report with every princess cut diamond in our collection so that you can check that the diamond piece you choose will have no inclusions on the corners.

A princess-cut diamond is prone to chipping when it has an inclusion in one of its four corners. The best clarity grade we have for a princess cut is the VS2 and SI1 clarity grades, considered to be eye-clean.

6. Color Grade

We recommend that the best color grade you get for a princess cut diamond are within these grades:

Colorless (D,E,F)
Near Colorless (G,H,I)

7. Carat Weight

We offer wholesale princess cut diamonds in Dallas with carat weights relative to their size. It will be your preference what measurement you would like your diamond to be. We will make sure that you find a princess-cut diamond with the right measurements (ideal length to width ratio) within the carat weight range you prefer.

Why Buy Wholesale Princess Cut Diamonds in Dallas

Princess-Diamond-Rings-in-Dallas-Texas-Shira-DiamondsA princess-cut diamond is a beautiful choice, especially if you are in for a clean-cut, modern style.

Here are the best reasons why you should choose this truly luxurious and brilliant diamond-cut:

  • It is less expensive than the most popular round diamond cut. You save 30% more than what you would spend on a round diamond cut with the same carat weight.
  • Exceptional brilliance that is unmatched with other fancy cuts.
  • It appears larger because of its large diagonal measurements, so you get a significantly larger princess-cut than a round cut while staying within your budget.
  • It can be protected by prongs to reduce the risk of damage to the stone.

Explore Shira Diamond’s Wholesale Princess Cut Inventory

If you are looking for a wholesale princess cut diamond in Dallas, explore our stunning collection that will surely inspire you.

You can always personalize your jewelry with a luxurious princess cut diamond to give a brilliant and more unique look for your jewelry. It’s a stylish way to save money for the jewelry of your dreams.