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Diamond Clarity

Knowing About Diamond Clarity: Making the Right Choices at Shira Diamonds in Dallas, TX

The 4Cs

The 4Cs that determine the quality of a diamond are:

  • carat weight,
  • cut,
  • clarity, and
  • color

Read more about the 4 C’s here.

Diamond clarity is how the diamond looks without inclusions and blemishes.

To understand clarity better, one should know how diamonds are created.

how old are most diamonds - Shira DiamondsBecause authentic diamonds are made with carbon that has been exposed to tremendous heat and pressure, they appear with intrinsic characteristics.

The inclusions are the internal characteristics and the blemishes are the external characteristics.

Shira Diamonds measures the clarity of its wholesale diamonds by determining the number, size, nature, and position of these characteristics, and how they affect the brilliance of the diamond piece.

We understand that there is no diamond that is perfectly pure but we offer diamonds that are close to their purity with better clarity.

The GIA Diamond Clarity Chart

When you’re buying a piece of diamond jewelry in Dallas, buy only from a reputable diamond dealer that offers conflict free diamonds that are GIA and EGL certified.

This will assure you that the diamond you are buying has been assessed with significant clarity.

GIA (Gemological Institute of America) grades the clarity of diamonds through its diamond grading system and clarity scale.

This diamond grading system has six categories with a total of eleven clarity grades.

  • FL – Flawless
  • IF – Internally Flawless
  • VVS1 and VVS 2 – Very, Very Slightly Included
  • VS1 and VS2 – Very Slightly Included
  • SI1 and SI2 – Slightly Included
  • I1, I2, and I3 – Included

Here are the detailed descriptions of each diamond clarity grade that we introduce to our valued customers:

Internally Flawless / Flawless

These diamonds show no inclusions and blemishes but are extremely rare. A 1.50 Ideal Cut, G color, IF clarity would cost $12,819.

Very Very Slightly Included First Degree (VVS1)

There will be very tiny pinpoints seen under a powerful (10x or more magnification) microscope.

Even a highly magnified photograph will only show one level of depth. If there is an inclusion in the diamond, it won’t be visible with the naked eye if the image is focused on a different layer of depth.

Very Very Slightly Included Second Degree (VVS2)

Inclusions with this diamond clarity grade will only be noticeable under a gemological microscope (10x or more magnification) and would look like few separate VVS1 spots.

Very Slightly Included First Degree (VS1)

The inclusions are still quite small and will not be visible to the naked eye but are observed with effort under a 10x magnification. The inclusions can be characterized as minor.

Very Slightly Included Second Degree (VS2)

The diamond piece will look flawless to the naked eye and inclusions may look black in the center and in an emerald cut where inclusions are not masked at all.

It will also be easier to detect inclusions of this grade on a diamond with a higher carat weight since the size of an inclusion is relative to the size of the diamond.

Slightly Included First Degree (SI1)

Under a 10x magnification, the inclusions are noticeable and may often be concentrated on one area, which will become obvious in a magnified image.

Slightly Included Second Degree (SI2)

In some cases, the inclusions are spread out all over the stone and are made up of many smaller SI1 inclusions.

But a magnified image can also show SI2 inclusions that are concentrated in the center. With this diamond clarity grade, the diamond usually appears eye clean.

Included First, Second, and Third Degree (I1, I2, and I3)

There are still perfectly eye-clean and beautiful I1, I2, and I3 diamond clarity grades diamonds.

But the inclusions that are visible under a 10x magnification affect the brilliance and transparency of the diamond.

“Eye-Clean” and its Say on Diamond Clarity

In our decades of experience as a wholesale diamond dealer, our customer’s goals have included finding the cheapest “eye-clean” diamond in regards to diamond clarity (supported by other factors).

At Shira Diamonds, eye-clean diamonds are diamonds with inclusions that are invisible to the naked eye but visible under a microscope.

It can be determined if a diamond is “eye-clean” using Ringo, a patented artificial intelligence model that can examine videos of diamonds.

It also lets you know if the diamond is well-cut, doesn’t have fluorescence issues, and if it matches the style of the setting you chose, according to Diamonds Pro who developed it.

Significant Diamond Clarity with Diamonds from Shira Diamonds

jewelry appraisal cost - Shira DiamondsYou will get the best value and beauty of a wholesale diamond with significant diamond clarity from Shira Diamonds.

We only offer diamonds that have been accurately assessed by experts in diamond clarity because we know that it is an important factor that contributes to the quality and price of a diamond.

We can give you a VS1 or VS2 eye-clean diamond that costs far less than those with a higher clarity grade.

We will help you choose the best diamond that fits you and your budget without sacrificing beauty and quality.

We can balance the color and cut of your chosen diamond piece so you will get an eye-clean diamond without overpaying.

See our diamond buying guide to choose the best ones for you or your loved one.

You can also call or visit our locations: Arlington, Carrollton, Dallas, Fort Worth, Garland, Frisco, Highland Park, McKinney, Plano, and South Lake.

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