Dallas Cushion Diamonds – Look Stunning and Be In Awe of These Diamonds’ Amazing Sparkle

Immerse yourself in the captivating harmony of impressively cut facets and softly rounded corners of wholesale cushion diamonds in Dallas. You will be amazed at the dazzling sparkle of this diamond cut that also has a touch of subtlety for a truly romantic feel.

The History of Cushion Cut Diamonds

The cushion-cut diamond has been a popular choice for centuries. It showcases a top peak that maximizes brilliance. You can choose from a more square or rectangular shape and create bespoke jewelry with precious metal for the most exquisite diamond jewelry guaranteed to impress.

Shira Diamonds offers a wide range of cushion cut diamonds independently certified and ethically sourced. We have timeless creations that can serve as an inspiration for your customized cushion cut diamond jewelry.

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What is a Cushion Cut Diamond?


A perfect choice for engagement rings, our cushion-cut diamonds create the impression of a larger and more enticing gemstone.

Cushion cuts have been revered for hundreds of years because of their stunning shape.

A cushion cut diamond is either square or rectangular, with rounded corners.

The sides of these stones are not straight but curved, and their outline, which resembles that of a pillow, is the reason for its name.

They have plenty of character and fire, making them the perfect choice for a diamond engagement ring.

They are usually set on a halo setting or cluster ring to epitomize timeless style and romance.

Cushion-cut diamonds are considered a unique, vintage-style shape. Today’s cushion cut diamonds are a modified version of an antique diamond shape: the old mine cut.

It is a blend of the modern round brilliant-cut pattern and the old mine facet pattern.

Cushion shaped diamonds are square with cut corners, with modern brilliant cut faceting.

Because the shape resembles a pillow, this cut got the name, ‘cushion’ and is also referred to as a pillow cut.

The cushion-cut was the most popular diamond shape in the first century of its existence.

Its popularity was much like the round diamonds today. Today, it’s the second most popular diamond cut after the round.

This is also popular for fancy colored diamonds because of how well they retain vibrant color.

The most favorite setting for cushion cuts in diamond engagement rings is the halo setting.

The cushion cut is often referred to as the ‘candlelight cut’ because of its excellent reflective and dispersive properties.

It is divided into two categories spending on how their facet patterns look:

1. Crushed-Ice Cushion Diamonds

These cushion diamonds do not exhibit a clearly identifiable facet pattern when looked at from the top. They have a lot of sparkles, which seem to be all over the place when the stone is exposed to light.

2. Chunky Cushion Diamonds

These cushion diamonds have a regular facet pattern when viewed from the top, and one can clearly see the shapes created by their facet lines.

Talk to our diamond experts if you want to know more about cushion diamonds in Dallas. You can get this stunning diamond-cut from Shira Diamonds.

Be amazed at how it captures and reflects light for a shimmer and spectacular inner fire incomparable to other diamond cuts

What is the Best Cut for a Cushion Diamond?

We keep the best ratio with the cushion diamond cut because this affects the diamond’s appearance.

We have ideal cuts for classic square cushion-cut diamonds and rectangular cushion-cut diamonds. Ideal cut means we make sure that they have the perfect length-to-width ratio.

The best cuts and the perfect length-to-width ratios are:

  • Square cushion: 1.00 and 1.09 times as long as it is wide
  • Rectangle cushion: 1.15 and 1.5 times as long as it is wide
  • Slight rectangle cushion: length between 1.10 to 1.20 times the width

Do Cushion Cut Diamonds Look Smaller?

Cushion-cut diamonds look slightly smaller than some other shapes. They also look slightly smaller than some shapes of diamonds when viewed from the top.

This is because, with deeper cuts, they carry more of their weight under the ‘girdle’ of the stone.

We have a great selection of cushion-cut diamonds that range from nearly round to nearly square. If you want one that’s an attractive middle ground, with rounded corners and slightly curved sides we have it.

The Cushion Cut Diamond Vs Other Diamond Shapes

1. Cushion-Cut Vs. Princess-Cut

What is the difference between princess and cushion cut diamonds?
Our cushion-cut diamonds feature soft, rounded edges which lend a more romantic feel.

These diamonds contain incredible fire and sparkle and also offer an incredible amount of brilliance. This high level of scintillation can hide imperfections very well. These diamonds come in many ratios and facet structures that you can choose from depending on your preference.

Compared to the popular round cut, you can save more money because cushion cuts are cheaper.

Our princess-cut diamonds offer a more rounded and geometric look. They are a wonderful diamond choice if you want a more modern look.

These are more affordable than cushion-cut diamonds because less material is wasted in the cutting process. Amongst all the geometric, square-cut diamonds, princess cuts show the highest level of brilliance. It combines a more linear, contemporary shape with exceptional light performance.

2. Cushion-Cut Vs Round Cut

Cushion-cut diamonds are considered unique, vintage-style shapes that feature modern brilliant-cut faceting. They offer a very different style than many other rectangular or square-shaped diamonds. Although they are less brilliant than round diamonds, they tend to have more fire because of their larger facets.

One advantage of cushion cut diamonds over round diamonds is that they come in different length-to-width ratios that you can choose from.

They are also generally always cheaper than round diamonds, the most expensive diamond shape. Assuming the same carat weight and other qualities, you can expect a cushion cut diamond to cost anywhere from 25% to 50% less.

What to Know When Buying a Cushion Cut Diamond?

At Shira Diamonds, you are assured that all our cushion diamonds in Dallas feature precisely cut large facets that maximize the diamond’s brilliance. Our cushion cuts are a perfect choice if you are looking for a gift for your beloved.

Here are the quality characteristics of cushion cut diamonds that you should watch out for that make them a good choice for a fine piece of jewelry:

1. Clarity

The brilliance and sparkle of a cushion-cut diamond will determine how clear the diamond looks.

The “crushed ice” look from the two types of cushion cut diamonds is more preferred because they tend to hide inclusions better.

This will result in a more sparkling diamond. Choose cushion cut diamonds in Dallas that have clarity grades above SI1 or SI2 because clarity grades below these will likely exhibit obvious inclusions.

The safest grade where you can get the best deal is to stick to the SI2 or SI1 clarity.

You can visually inspect the diamond. Larger stones may show small inclusions that are not obvious, but still visible to the naked eye.

At Shira Diamonds, cushion-cut diamonds in the Eye Clean grade will be double-checked by our diamond experts to make sure that you get the clarity grade that you expect and deserve.

2. Color

Cushion cut diamonds have generally a lower brilliance than round cut diamonds. Hence, the best color grades for cushion cuts are that above G or H where the diamond looks colorless to the naked eye.

Make sure you get cushion-cut diamonds not lower than these grades. This will ensure that yellow tints will not be visible on your diamond.

3. Cut

What is the best cut for a cushion diamond? There are no definitive rules as to the ideal cut of cushion diamonds.

Most cushion diamonds, though, have a table whose length is around 55-60% of the girdle and a depth of about 60%.

Consider this rule of thumb when purchasing diamonds: avoid diamonds that are too shallow or too deep, and try to get a stone whose table and depth ratios do not go over 70%.Cushion Halo Diamond Rings in Dallas Texas - Shira Diamonds (5)

At Shira Diamonds, we offer cushion-cut diamonds with the “ideal” cut that gives the diamond the most sparkle. The details of the “ideal” cut are:

  • Table: 58-66%
  • Depth: 62-68%
  • Culet: None
  • Girdle: Very thin to Slightly Thick
  • Light/Dark Contrast: Even

Are cushion diamonds good? Yes, they are if all these qualities are found in your chosen cushion cut diamond in Dallas.

Furthermore, you can learn if the cushion cut diamond is right for you by considering the advantages of this diamond cut which include:

  • High level of brilliance and fire (reflects white and colored light well)
  • Unique shape for a more personalized engagement ring
  • Very durable due to rounded edges
  • Combines classic fashion with modern flair
  • Less expensive per carat than Round Cut diamonds
  • Rising in popularity

Cushion-Cut Vs. Round Cut Diamonds

If you are choosing between a cushion cut diamond and the more popular round cut diamond, you can consider the big difference in price.

Are cushion cut diamonds cheaper than round cut diamonds? Yes.

You can save over 25% of the price of a round-cut diamond when you buy a cushion cut.

Round cut diamonds cost the most per carat, although they offer more brilliance and are more popular.

So, if you prefer a more unique cut, Shira Diamonds is one of the best places to purchase wholesale diamonds in Dallas that boast classic charm with a modern flair.

Choose the Unique Cushion cut Diamond in Dallas That is Rising in Popularity

The more unique choice if you are looking for a diamond with a romantic appeal and a vintage look is a cushion-cut diamond in Dallas from Shira Diamonds.

They have a sense of beauty and a unique charm that is also more budget-friendly than round-cut diamonds with the same qualities.

We have expert gemologists who will make it easier for you to identify which cushion diamond you prefer and search the diamond with your exact specifications.

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