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Dallas Round Cut Diamonds at Shira Diamonds


Traditionally, round diamonds are the first and one of the most popular diamonds presented as engagement rings. Round cut diamonds possess the classic traits of a uniform and symmetrical shape, and as mentioned, they have 58 facets which give them such a brilliant cut.

This kind of faceting allows for inclusions and color to appear better compared to fancier shapes.

Because more than 50% of all diamonds purchased are round-cut diamonds, they are a highly popular choice for bridal jewelry and engagement rings.

What are Round Cut Diamonds?

Round cut diamonds have a standard pattern of 58 facets (57 if the culet isn’t included), which is made up of the following:

  •  The eight main faces on the crown
  •  The eight main faces on the pavilion
  •  The eight pairs of half facets between the mains on the crown
  •  The eight pairs of half facets between the mains on the pavilion
  •  The crown has eight small ‘star facets’
  •  The large facet on top called the table
  •  The pavilion may also have a small facet on the culet

Each of these facets, which include the main and ancillary facets, need to work together in harmony to create the magnificent sparkle that shines even from across the room.

The History of the Round Cut Diamond

Round Cut DiamondsThe technological advances seen in today’s world have improved the cutting process for diamonds, allowing us to enjoy what diamonds that we now have.

However, diamonds weren’t always like this, so let’s take a trip back in time to see how the round-cut diamond has evolved.

The First Round Cut Diamonds

Some of the earliest round cut diamonds were created using primitive tools; as a result, it was only possible to put a few essential facets on them.

At the time, the most common diamond crystal had an octahedral shape, and the easiest way to shape them was to grind away the points until there was a big table on one end and a small culet on the other.

A Breakthrough in Laboratory Grading

Before being able to assess the cut quality of diamonds inside laboratories, there weren’t many ways for consumers to identify the importance of the 4C’s.

There were no major laboratories up until 1996 that could provide an accurate cut grade for their diamond reports. While the diamond’s proportions, dimensions, symmetry, and polish were reported, there was no overall cut grade included.

To address this issue, the American Gem Society set up the first laboratory to add the cut grading along with the other three C’s — clarity, carat, and color.

However, this didn’t happen right away and took another decade before they could add a cut grade to reports. In 2006, The GIA launched their new cut grade system which indicated a top grade of Excellent.

The Round Brilliant Cut Today

The round brilliant cut is a contemporary design that contains 58 facets (57 when the culet is excluded), where the top of the diamond is termed down, while the bottom of the diamond is termed pavilion.

Its biggest facet is referred to as the table and is located at the top of the diamond, while the smallest facet is located at the base and is referred to as the culet. Having this symmetrically balanced shape allows for maximum light to reflect for the observer to see.

Why Are Round Cut Diamonds So Popular?

As mentioned above, round cut diamonds are the most popular and the most universally known diamond shape. They makeup 50% of the total diamond sales and are responsible for 60% of all engagement ring purchases.

Here are just a few reasons why round-cut diamonds are so well-loved.

  • Fire and Brilliance: Round cut diamonds are unparalleled when it comes to these two properties, which make the stone shine and sparkle the way it does. Because of the round shape of the stone, it is most ideal for the reflection of light and allows it to disperse evenly in all directions. As a result, a round-cut diamond shows more fire and brilliance than any other cut.
  • Perfected Process: Round cut diamonds exhibit incomparable beauty because the process behind developing them have evolved over 100 years. Diamond cutters have perfected each step that goes into cutting these stones, and have refined every detail they can. Because of this, each of the 58 facets found in a single round cut diamond contributes to give it such a classic appearance.
  • Flexible and Versatile: A round cut diamond is one of the most versatile pieces of jewelry in any woman’s closet. It can complement any kind of style, whether you’re wearing a vintage wedding ring or sporting a more contemporary round cut diamond ring.They make for stunning side stones as well, for those who prefer to have a colored center stone.
  • Not Just a Trend: The round cut diamond is one of those things that will never go out of style. Because of their properties, they aren’t just a trend that’s popular today and gone tomorrow. They’ve been the standard for excellence throughout the years and will still be the standard in the future. Their timeless elegance makes them the ideal choice for engagement rings, and they are cherished for life by those who own them.

Best Settings for Round Cut Diamonds

Round cut diamonds can be set on all kinds of rings, from a tension set to a side stone setting.

However, there are a few styles that are particularly complementary for round cut diamonds:

  • Solitaire settings: This simple setting allows the brilliance of your diamond to truly show. You may also choose from platinum or yellow gold colored settings.
  • Pavé settings: Pavé settings can bring character and elegance to a round cut stone while adding sparkle to an engagement ring.
  • Halo settings: A halo setting can add size to your round diamond, and its smaller stones can highlight the sparkle of a round brilliant diamond.
  • Vintage settings: If you’re looking for an antique style, there are various vintage round cut diamond rings to choose from. This delicate design can emphasize a round-cut stone.

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