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custom-three-stone-diamond-ring-3-carat-engagement-ring-dallas-4Get more room for creativity with an elegant custom three-stone engagement ring in Dallas from Shira Diamonds. Hold the memories of your special day with this trinity ring that symbolizes the past, present, and future of your relationship.

Our collection of top-quality, GIA-certified, and ethically sourced loose whole diamonds is large enough so that you can pick the perfect diamonds for your three-stone diamond ring.

Get valuable inspiration by browsing through our premium collection of custom three-stone ring designs below.

What is a Three-Stone Ring?

Three-stone diamond rings are also known as trinity rings or trilogy rings. They are rings with three diamonds set horizontally in a row.

They are popular and chosen for both engagement rings and anniversary rings because they hold value and meaning.

A quick history on the three-stone ring states that it was during the launch in 2001 of the Trilogy campaign by De Beers that transformed this ring into a true icon.

The romantic symbolism of this ring depicts the “past, present, and future” of a relationship.

What’s the story behind the three stones? The three stones tell a story of romance, commitment, and the passing of time.

  • Center diamond – always the biggest and represents the present
  • First diamond – represents a couple’s past, when and how they met, and their shared memories
  • Third diamond – reminds a couple of their future and the milestones that they will still face together

Some couples give the three-stone engagement ring a different and yet another meaningful meaning. They associate it with friendship, love, and fidelity—the three building blocks of a lasting relationship.

And yet, other couples sometimes associate the three stones with the Holy Trinity, with the three stones representing the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Are Three-Stone Engagement Rings in Style?

You can bring your story to life with a three-stone engagement ring. This ring can make a statement and give you a creative edge at any gathering. There are so many different styles that you can choose from or create.

Why is this type of ring in style? Not only is the scintillation of this magnificent ring a perfect conversation starter, but the symbolism behind the three stones makes it more meaningful and a popular choice among couples.

The three-stone engagement ring has gained massive momentum following Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s engagement in 2017.

In 2019, three-stone engagement rings were everywhere. It remains to be one of the fastest-growing engagement ring styles. Brides listed the three-stone engagement ring as one of the ring trends you need to know for 2021.

How Much Does a Three Stone Diamond Ring Cost?

custom-three-stone-diamond-ring-3-carat-engagement-ring-dallas-2Three-stone diamond engagement rings in Dallas can actually be less expensive than the traditional solitaire setting.

The secret to why the three-stone ring can be cheaper is how it makes a lesser carat diamond look larger, effectively tripling your potential carat weight.

This means you can get a dazzling 3-carat look while only paying for three 1-carat diamonds.

Another way that a three-stone ring can be an excellent option if you are on a budget is because you can opt for gemstones as the surrounding stones instead of a diamond.

You will still have a diamond for your center stone. Your ring will not be less stunning if you use gems for side stones.

Why Choose a Custom Three-Stone Ring?

The popularity and versatility of the three-stone ring make it a favorite choice among couples.

Here are other practical reasons and benefits of owning a three-stone ring:

1. Low profile that looks like it costs much more than it does

A diamond grows out and up when the carat weight increases. The three-stone setting creates a bigger look while following the contour of your finger.

It becomes very easy to wear with this feature and will look like it costs much more than it does because of the three stones.

2. You get more carat with less money

Button with Diamond Ring BackgroundDiamond prices increase exponentially. This means that when you increase the carat weight, the price significantly increases as well. So, the bigger a diamond looks, the heavier the price tag.

Three-stone diamond engagement rings have a great finger coverage with a more modest price tag because you can use smaller stones with lesser carat weight.

This makes the cost of the ring more affordable than one large stone.

A good tip to get the biggest bang for your buck is to choose diamond shapes that tend to spread like pear-shaped diamonds.

These shapes create a look of a larger, fuller setting.

3. Versatile style

There is no one perfect shape for three-stone rings because you can pick 2 shapes for your custom three-stone engagement ring.

Using a round center stone for example with two pear-shaped side stones can give you maximum brilliance while a trio of emerald cut diamonds can multiply your ring’s sparkle three times.

Sky’s the limit when you choose diamond shapes for your custom three-stone ring. It’s okay to mix and match step cuts with brilliant cuts and other shapes.

4. Freedom to pair a diamond with gemstones

Who says you can’t use gemstones for your custom three-stone engagement ring? It’s a great way to add meaningful color and style and create contrast.

You can either use a gemstone for the side stones of a diamond center stone or it can be your center stone with diamond side stones. Either way will still be stunning.

5. Reflect on your relationship

Owning a three-stone engagement ring will give you many opportunities to reflect on your relationship and how it’s transforming.

It can also serve as a reminder of your commitment to each other that should last through your future life together.

Complement Modern Life with a Custom 3-Stone Ring in Dallas

We will help you get started in the process of creating your custom diamond engagement ring in Dallas.

Our expert jewelers will guide you through simple and intricate designs, where you can also have a personalized engraving inside the band.

With Shira Diamonds, the possibilities are endless in creating a custom 3-stone ring that will match your preferences and your budget.