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It’s time to get that dream diamond for yourself or loved one Shira Diamonds is your store for custom diamond rings in Dallas.

We have a wide variety of rings, necklaces, earrings, custom engagement rings, and more.

Come in today and let us help you find the perfect piece of jewelry.

We understand that every customer is different, which is why we offer a wide range of services.

We can help you pick out the perfect ring, or design a custom piece for you.

Are Custom Rings Cheaper?

The cost of an engagement ring is often quite expensive, and with so many other things competing for our money these days it’s easy to forget just how big a deal this really can be.

Why Shira Diamonds?

CTA button version 2Shira Diamonds is your trusted jeweler that offers authentic and well-crafted custom engagement rings adorned with natural diamonds.

For our custom rings, we have skilled jewelers who can craft the exact design you like for your custom engagement ring.

We customize diamond rings because we value the needs of our clients. Our expert jewelers will listen closely to how you want your custom diamond ring to look and feel.

We do not only customize engagement rings; we can also craft a custom wedding ring that suits your style.

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How Custom Engagement Rings Work

When you have a design in mind for a custom diamond ring, you can present it to our jeweler.

Our creative and skilled diamond jeweler will explain the best features of the diamond that you will want for your ring.

Book an appointment today by calling 214-466-1776 or schedule a virtual consultation.

How to Get Your Own Diamond Ring from Us

We want you to get the perfect ring that you have been dreaming of. We will make sure that you will get the design and diamond that you like.

Our custom diamond ring experience will make your diamond ring experience truly unique and memorable with these steps:

  1. When you have an appointment set, our diamond jeweler will discuss the design that you like along with the options that will complete your diamond ring.  We will also consider your budget. We make sure that the quality of your diamond ring will not be compromised.
  2. A sketch and concept art will be prepared to ensure that our jeweler will craft the specific custom diamond ring for you.
  3. Dallas Customized Rings From Shira DiamondsWe will render high-resolution 3D renderings that show how the design for your custom diamond ring will look when it is done. We make adjustments if needed, according to your style, until we get the perfect design.
  4. Our jeweler will craft your custom diamond ring according to your design and style. We use the latest techniques and conform to the highest standards of the industry in the process.
  5. You will be notified when your diamond ring is ready. It’s time to treasure your custom diamond piece that you can wear for a lifetime.

We customize diamond rings with your unique style. You can choose from our gallery of diamond pieces and then choose the perfect band for your diamond ring.

Find inspiration from diamond rings we have done in the past or create a unique design of your own.

We help you make the right choice for the center stone, the carat weight, the cut, and other features like bands, gemstones, and other stones that you might like to include.

Choose from a variety of diamond styles

  • Asscher
  • Round
  • Rose gold
  • Heart-cut
  • Marquise
  • Three-Cut
  • Solitaire

Check more of our wholesale diamonds in Dallas.

Our Guide to One of a Kind Diamond Ring

Start your custom design today by talking to our jewelry expert. Choose your stone, your cut, your band, and your style of jewelry. We are your jewelry specialist dedicated to crafting the diamond ring as perfectly as you would want it.

If you need help in designing your custom diamond ring, our friendly and knowledgeable team can help you with a design that is uniquely yours.  We will talk about your taste in style, band material, diamond color, and budget.

We will keep you updated while your custom ring is being crafted.  You can get the ring of your dreams in just 2-3 weeks!

With a custom-designed diamond ring, you will have a ring that will live to tell your story even for generations to come.

You can browse through the diamond rings in our gallery to get inspiration as you design a unique ring of your own.

Some of the well-loved designs that we have made for our happy customers include:

Choose Your Carat For Your Stone

Carat is the unit of measurement for the physical weight of a piece of diamond stone that you choose.

It is considered the most objective of a diamond’s 4Cs (carat, color, cut, and clarity).

Before you purchase a diamond piece, you should be able to compare the value of the diamond in different carat weights so that you will know if it fits your budget and the style you like for your diamond ring.

Larger diamonds have greater carat weight and thus, greater value.  We have lab-grown diamonds that allow you to get a bigger diamond that fits your budget.

Our diamond jeweler will be happy to guide you through choosing the best carat weight for the diamond stone that you would want for your custom diamond ring.

Choose Your Style For Your Unique Jewelry

Diamond Ring in HandThe best part of having a custom diamond ring is that you get to choose your own style.

You can choose from our high-grade wholesale diamond pieces that are guaranteed to be natural and conflict-free.

When it comes to choosing your unique style for your custom diamond ring in Dallas, there are no limitations.

We create custom rings that hold true timeless beauty and value.

Our custom diamond rings are categorized as:

Choose a category and browse through the different designs or create one of your own that our expert jeweler will gladly make for you.

Wedding Bands, Custom Engagement Rings–We Have it All!

When your engagement is drawing near, don’t miss the opportunity to visit our store to get inspiration from our vast collection of diamond rings.

Get your custom ring today!