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Imagine a sparkling drop of water. Get the vintage feel of the rare and guaranteed-to-stand-out wholesale pear diamond in Dallas from Shira Diamonds. Our pear diamonds are cut and polished to resemble the exquisite drop shape for a luxurious piece of jewelry.

Explore our premier collection of wholesale pear cut diamonds for a distinct yet stunning design of jewelry with a setting of your choice. Also known as teardrop or pendeloque diamonds, our perfect pear diamonds, faceted for maximum sparkle and shine, will make you stand out from the crowd.

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What Are Wholesale Pear Diamonds?

The pear diamond is a modern twist on a classic diamond shape, Pear Diamonds - Shira Diamonds - Wholesale Diamonds - Loose Diamonds (1) incorporating elements from both brilliant round and oval engagement rings. It is considered a timeless, vintage cut that represents an emotional bond or connection.

Similar to the round cut diamond, the pear diamond cut is known for high sparkle. These loose wholesale diamonds are shaped like a teardrop. They have blended features of the round cut and marquise cut diamonds.

The shape of the pear diamond cut is long and can make a finger look thinner and longer. Its unique shape features a point at the top and a graceful curve at the bottom. They can be cut according to your preference—long and slender or shorter and plump.

How to Buy Wholesale Pear Diamonds

The unique shape of the pear diamond cut allows you to choose proportions that you like.

The best features for a pear cut diamond:

1. Ratio

There is no official cut grade for pear diamond cuts because the ratio will depend on your preference and style. But we use a guide with specific table %, depth %, girdle, culet, and length to width ratio when cutting pear diamonds. We have higher ratios for narrow, elongated pear diamonds and lower ratios for more rounded and wider pear diamonds.

2. Color

The best color for a pear cut diamond is the warmer tones of color grades G-H or the icy cool tones of color grades D-F. However, the color will still depend on your preference.

A good note to remember when choosing a color for pear cut diamonds is that color is often more visible towards the tip of the pear shape. We usually recommend an H color grade or above because it gives an even tone throughout the pear diamond stone.

3. Clarity

Similar to color and ratio, the clarity of a pear-cut diamond will depend on what you like. Some customers are entirely comfortable with pear diamonds that feature clarity characteristics not visible to the naked eye. Others choose a technically flawless appearance.

We recommend SI1 or SI2 clarity for your wholesale pear cut diamond because it will most likely come out eye-clean. You will not spot inclusions with the naked eye. But if you are on a tight budget, we can give you an I1 pear cut diamond that is eye-clean at a cheaper price.

4. Bow tie Effect

Pear-shaped diamonds can have the bow-tie effect, but they can be less noticeable than others.

We avoid large, dark bow ties and make sure that diamonds with less noticeable bow ties will still give some sparkle to give your money’s worth.

5. Symmetry

pear diamonds - pear diamond rings - dallas - shira diamonds (1)

We make sure that every pear diamond possesses excellent or very good symmetry to ensure that the tip of the pear lines up perfectly with the middle of the rounded end.

As a customer, you can check the symmetry of a pear-cut diamond by drawing an imaginary line from the diamond’s point down the middle. Both sides should be symmetrical.

If you want to know more about wholesale pear diamonds in Dallas, our diamond experts will be happy to answer your questions about the distinctive features of a pear diamond.

We will help you choose from our vast collection the pear diamond that fits your style and needs so that you can create the jewelry that you desire.

Why You Should Buy a Wholesale Pear Diamond From Shira Diamonds

These are most often the reason why customers love this unique shape:

  • They appear bigger and more impressive than round diamonds or other traditional diamond cuts. The greater surface area of the pear diamond is visible, compared to other cuts with the same carat weight.
  • They are cheaper which will help you save money. You can choose a lower carat weight that will cost less while giving you a similar or greater visual effect.
  • It’s a unique style that makes for beautiful, classic, and trendy jewelry.
  • The elongated shape suits particular hand shapes more than other diamond cuts.

We offer the best quality pear diamonds that exhibit superb light return and sparkle. They retain the coveted fire and brilliance that bring the classic feeling and dynamism, making a strong statement for any type of jewelry they are set upon.

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