SY3000 | Syntax US 3000 Index

Index Description

The Syntax US 3000 Index is a float-adjusted market capitalization-weighted equity index of the 3000 largest publicly traded US companies as ranked by their float market caps, subject to screens for liquidity. Companies are defined as US according to Syntax’s proprietary country classification methodology, which considers regulatory filings, currencies of accounting and distribution, and use of tax havens.

The goal of the Index is to reflect the performance of the broad investible US market, providing an unbiased benchmark and a regularly refreshed universe for index development. To qualify for inclusion, a company’s stock must have a 20-day average daily traded value of at least ten thousand dollars, a float factor of at least 20% and a share price of at least one dollar as of the snapshot date for eligibility data used in the quarterly rebalancing.

Index Facts

Number of Constituents 2999
Weighting Methodology Float Market Cap
Rebalancing Frequency Quarterly
Currency USD
Exchange Symbol/Ticker SY3000
Index Inception Date June 17, 2022
Total Return Index Value as of 12/13/2023 5717.52

Index Performance

Multi-Horizon Returns % as of 2023-09-30
YTD3Q231Y3Y5Y7Y10YSince 12.17.99
US 300012.43-3.1520.469.279.1111.6811.307.17
Annual Index Performance % as of 2023-09-30
US 3000-19.5025.6121.0531.07-5.1321.4612.960.2112.5833.61
Index Statistics as of 2023-09-30
Vol.Sharpe Ratio
US 300015.40.66
Top Holdings as of 2023-09-30
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Company Weight (%)
Apple Inc. 6.09
Microsoft Corp 5.68
Alphabet Inc A 3.49 Inc 2.86
Nvidia Corp 2.47
Tesla Inc 1.67
Meta Platforms Inc. Class A 1.53
Berkshire Hathaway B 1.52
Exxon Mobil Corp 1.14
Unitedhealth Group Inc 1.13